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Notebook: David Beaty rated as worst coach in P5

Soy un perdedor

NCAA Football: Kansas at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Where can KU turn now that Joe Cremo is off to Villanova?

TK says that the win total for Kansas football put out by BetDSI is too good to be true.

This is a fluff piece put out by the university about how hard Steven Sims has worked in his time at Kansas, but it does have some interesting tidbits about his recruitment.

David Beaty just got ranked as the worst head coach in the Power 5.

In other news...

An Iowa State staffer tweeted at a recruit who announced an offer from Iowa.

The Royals had quite the first inning last night.

CP3 has reached his first conference finals.

The Yankees and Red Sox will play two games in London next summer.

Congratulations K-State, you have the angriest fans in college football.