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Notebook: Rex Walters talks corruption in college basketball recruiting

I could see it was a rough-cut Tuesday

NCAA Basketball: Oakland at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Walters discusses corruption in college basketball recruiting and recalls the time he auditioned for a part in the movie “Blue Chips.”

Udoka Azubuike worked out for the LA Lakers yesterday and will attend the NBA Combine from May 16-20 in Chicago.

Daylon Charlot’s teammates say the move back to WR has reinvigorated the former four-star Alabama recruit.

A quick look at the Athlon rankings for KU’s opponents show 8 foes in the top 50.

Former Kansas volleyball star Kelsie Payne will play professional volleyball in Brazil, in what is apparently one of the most prestigious volleyball leagues in the world.

In other news...

Arizona seems to have salvaged a decent recruiting class after it all blew up in February.

The 76ers are keeping the playoffs entertaining, at least.

Have you ever turned $18 into $1.2 million?

Why you can’t stop a lava flow.

Being mauled to death by a bear while trying to take a selfie with said bear should win some kind of award.

In today’s good news/bad news, scientists say the sun has about 10 billion years of life left, but that the Earth only has about 1 billion years left.

An Alabama boy who was brain dead after a severe accident regained consciousness a day after his mom signed papers to donate his organs.