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Notebook: Kansas basketball 2019 recruit Markese Jacobs calls Final Four run “insane”

You say “Yes”, I say “No”.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Clemson vs Kansas Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

KU basketball’s lone (so far) 2019 recruit Markese Jacobs had an interesting junior season - coming off the bench for his high school team - and calls KU’s past season “insane.”

TK ever so eloquently tells us what we already know: Good football teams, not new stadiums, draw crowds.

The recently much-maligned Kansas baseball club picked up a noncom road win at Missouri State yesterday, ending an 11-game slide, in a game that ended with just two umpires.

In other news...

Looks like all that talk last year about K-State wanting to play Wichita State was, well, just talk.

These “buy game” prices are getting ridiculous - Alabama will pay Utah State $1.91M for a game in Tuscaloosa in 2022.

Does Aaron Judge look like Sid from Toy Story?

Tennessee just fired the person who fired the AD... I think that’s right.

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This article is six months old now, but I feel like I identify with the author pretty well. I’m guessing when my baby turns 2 we may have similar experiences.