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Notebook: The fallout from Zenger’s ouster as AD

I waited ‘til I saw the sun

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

So my Monday was great, how was yours?

With Chancellor Girod relieving athletic director Sheahon Zenger of his duties yesterday, Matt Tait takes a stab at possible AD candidates.

Meanwhile, the thermostat in David Beaty’s office will no longer switch over to “Cool.”

Girod confirmed to the KC Star that neither the cheereading scandal nor the FBI probe had any impact on the decision to release Zenger. He also confirmed that major donors backed the decision as well, saying that football and fundraising were the primary reasons for Zenger’s dismissal.

Blair Kerkhoff writes that football has been knocking off athletic directors at KU since the 1930s.

National media has picked up on this story as well, saying that Zenger’s ouster proves that football is still the only thing that really matters in college sports.

Moving on to other news, next year’s college basketball top-25 might start off with #1 Kansas, #2 Duke, and #3... Tennessee?

What’s with the wave of five-star QB recruits transferring?

Jim Harbaugh is taking his team to South Africa this summer.