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Notebook: KU football looking for starting center

Saw inception. Or at least I dreamt I did.

With Mesa Ribordy out, the Jayhawks are looking for a new starting center.

David Beaty had his first spring presser yesterday; you can read the transcript or watch the recording on that link. Kinda gives me an idea for a new article series, “Things David Beaty Said.” Not sure when I would find time for something like that, though!

Tom Keegan writes that Beaty seems to have toned down his rhetoric so far this year (albeit just one presser), and that if the Jayhawks do truly commit to the run as Beaty says, they may have a chance to be more competitive.

Last year’s spring star Chase Harrell has had a rough offseason; as such, he is still with the team but is not practicing.

OC Doug Meacham has moved from WR coach to QB coach.

NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse stopped by Memorial Stadium for a couple of hours earlier this week and beat David Beaty in a quarterback drill.

Kansas baseball hosts #5 Texas Tech this weekend, and on Saturday, the Jayhawks will honor the 1993 College World Series team.

In other news...

I thought this was an interesting article looking back on the formation of the Big East in its current format.

I didn’t really see anything else sports related that caught my eye this morning - did you?