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Notebook: Examination of athletic department produced no written findings

Sorry I’m not home right now I’m walking into spiderwebs

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Villanova vs Kansas Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

An “examination” of the athletic department and men’s basketball program in the wake of an Oct 11 memo from the NCAA did not produce a written report of findings, and the chancellor has no intention of asking for an independent review.

Former KU basketball player Lester Earl’s son, Jeremiah Robinson-Earl (#16, 2019), is turning heads at a recruiting event in Dallas, along with class of 2020 #3-ranked prospect RJ Hampton.

The key stat for coaches in evaluating the quarterbacks this spring seems to be completion percentage.

New offensive line coach AJ Ricker remembers the loudest the cheer he ever got in Memorial Stadium - when he snapped the ball past Brad Smith - and says the rivalry has “kind of gone away.”

A small group of students are protesting at the chancellor’s residence for the University to get rid of it’s private jet.

In other news...

There appears to be a college football video game on the horizon, except its not from EA, and it won’t be licensed.

The Rockets scored 50 points in the third quarter alone, much to fetch’s chagrin no doubt.

Why all the hate toward Pizza Hut? Who the hell wants to spend $20 on a large pizza?