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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Big 12 Tournament Semifinals vs Kansas State

Now that we made it, our experts decide to take this one a bit more seriously.

NCAA Football: Florida Atlantic at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks overcame the loss of Udoka Azubuike to get redemption against the Oklahoma State Cowboys, moving on to face a suddenly short-handed Kansas State Wildcats team. The news broke midway through today that KSU star Dean Wade will sit this game out with a foot injury (most people already had their predictions in by then). Can Kansas take advantage and move on to tomorrow’s championship?

Kyle_Davis21: If there’s a Big 12 team Kansas would want to face without Udoka, it’s the Wildcats. Kansas State is last in the conference in rebounds (both offensive and defensive) and blocks to go along with being last in scoring. Dean Wade will be a difficult matchup, but there’s no 7-foot rim protector to give LIghtfoot and De Sousa issues. K-State is allowing teams to shoot 53% from 2, and with no rim protector, Kansas’ guards should look to attack the rim. I expect a better game from Devonte’ and even if Malik Newman doesn’t go off again, I think KU’s guards score enough, and Lightfoot and De Sousa are effective enough, to get the win. Kansas 72, Kansas State 67

dnoll5: Why is this game even being played? Isn’t it a well known fact that Kansas has already paid off the refs and that the outcome isn’t in doubt? I seem to remember that theme occuring at some point in the past, not sure when or where it came from though. Kansas 8, K-State 5.

Fizzle406: I started this prediction 3 different times and had 3 different predictions. So who the hell knows. I think K-state wins this one. I’m good with that too. #keepweber. K-State 75, Squawk 66

David: This season is just so weird. Dok goes down, but now Wade is out too. I’m looking for even more weird tonight, as a K-State team missing far and away its best player wins in a dramatic finish. Kansas State 76, Kansas 74

Andy Mitts: Kansas doesn’t need this game, although I do think that every game here is a chance for Silvio De Sousa and Mitch Lightfoot to continue to refine their games. I think the loss of Wade is just too much for Kansas State to overcome, and Bruce Weber makes another inexplicable late-game strategic decision that leaves everyone scratching their heads. Kansas 78, Kansas State 75

Mike.Plank: I highly doubt Dean Wade will be a factor tonight! (Sorry, Kyle.) The line has moved four points (?) since this morning, and I like most people expect KU to roll big. Which is exactly why that won't happen. I haven't picked a KU victory since the first Oklahoma State game, and I'm not about to start now. K-State 77, Refs 74.