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Podcast: Kansas finally breaks through to the Final Four

I’m joined by Fetch and Kyle to celebrate moving into the final weekend of the season.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Kansas vs Duke Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks finally did it, dispatching the national villain known as Grayson Allen and the Duke Blue Devils to do it. We break down the game, the reactions, and the upcoming matchup against the Villanova Wildcats in the Final Four.

And somehow, we didn’t mention to even talk about Malik Newman, the guy probably most individually responsible for Kansas getting to the Final Four.

Topics discussed:

-What was the insanity like where you were watching that game?

-Does the Clemson game have any lessons for us?

-Twitter Q&A (via @nickrush11): How in the world did we outrebound the best rebounding team in the country by 15 rebounds while we are one of the worst rebounding teams in the country?

-Did Bill Self outcoach Coach K?

-The Big 12 was the perfect preparation for the tournament.

-Recapping the rest of the Big 12’s runs.

-Final Four storylines.

-Comparing Kansas and Villanova statistically.

-Twitter Q&A (via @BernardHawk): What’s the difference between Villanova from two years ago to now? Same for KU.

-Twitter Q&A (via @BryanBombardier): Will Mitch get to play or will he hang out in the Martini Room? (also via @thejabbas and @levivogtman)

-Twitter Q&A (via @nameerbaker): Who guards Brunson, who guards Bridges, and is Spellman being able to draw Dok out on the perimeter canceled out by Dok being able to take Spellman inside?

-Twitter Q&A (via @mikevilleKS): Who gets more minutes, Dok or Silvio?

-Twitter Q&A (via @JonnyOrlansky): Is this like the Rockets-Warriors of college basketball?

-Twitter Q&A (via @SKCBensa): Will Kansas win?


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