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Notebook: Jayhawks still have #Motivation going into finale at OSU

Never tell me the odds!

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Kansas Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

The Jayhawks won the league by beating the Big 12 at its own game.

KU’s W-L record goes as Vick’s 3-point shooting goes.

I’m not really sure what to say about this article, so I’ll just say, here’s a fluff piece from Matt Tait about KU basketball’s redshirt players.

KU’s #Motivation on Saturday and next week in Kansas City is getting that #1-seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Is winning the league so easy for Kansas that Bill Self turned up this difficulty level this year just for fun?

Making the case for Devonte Graham as the Wooden Award winner.

Bill Self is campaigning for Graham to get Big 12 POY as well.

Texas Southern comes to Lawrence this weekend for a set with the Kansas baseball team.

Five KU volleyball players and one assistant coach will try out for the US Women’s National Team this weekend.

In other news...

Sean Miller denied all allegations of wrongdoing in a press conference and returned to the bench for Arizona’s game against Stanford last night with the support of the UA administration. SportsIllustrated seems to believe Miller, eanwhile, ESPN is sticking by it’s original reporting. I guess my thing is, if he’s so innocent, why did it take him almost a week to deny everything?

Louisville blew a 10-point lead with 4 minutes left, but more notably, blew a 4-point lead with 0.9 SECONDS left.

An Army offensive lineman plans to put in his two years of service instead of asking for a waiver to play in the NFL.

#TeamDunk or #TeamNoDunk?