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Friday Late Session Open Thread

I for one look forward to the revenge of Marcus Foster.

Big East Basketball Tournament - Semifinals Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

SCHEDULE (All times Central)

9 Kansas State vs 8 Creighton, 5:50 PM, TNT, Charlotte, NC

14 Bucknell vs 3 Michigan State, 6:10 PM, CBS, Detroit, MI

16 Texas Southern vs 1 Xavier, 6:20 PM, TBS, Nashville, TN

13 Charleston vs 4 Auburn, 6:27 PM, TruTV, San Diego, CA

16 UMBC vs 1 Virginia, 8:20 PM, TNT, Charlotte, NC

11 Syracuse vs 6 TCU, 8:40 PM, CBS, Detroit, MI

9 Florida State vs 8 Missouri, 8:50 PM, TBS, Nashville, TN

12 New Mexico State vs 5 Clemson, 8:57 PM, TruTV, San Diego, CA