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NCAA Tournament: Thursday Late Session Open Thread

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Continue the discussion as the NCAA Tournament rolls ever onward.

TCU v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Radford and Villanova kick off the evening slate of games. How’s your bracket look so far?

SCHEDULE (All times Central)

16 Radford vs 1 Villanova, 5:50 PM, TNT, Pittsburgh, PA

12 Davidson vs 5 Kentucky, 6:10 PM, CBS, Boise, ID

11 San Diego State vs 6 Houston, 6:20 PM, TBS, Wichita, KS

14 Stephen F Austin vs 3 Texas Tech, 6:27 PM, TruTV, Dallas, TX

9 Alabama vs 8 Virginia Tech, 8:20 PM, TNT, Pittsburgh, PA

13 Buffalo vs 4 Arizona, 8:40 PM, CBS, Boise, ID

14 Montana vs 3 Michigan, 8:50 PM, TBS, Wichita, KS

11 St. Bonaventure vs 6 Florida, 8:57 PM, TruTV, Dallas, TX