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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Penn Quakers

Our experts aren't convinced that Kansas had anything to worry about.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Wichita Practice Kelly Ross-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Tournament is finally here. The Kansas Jayhawks play in one of the first games on Thursday, kicking off what should be a fascinating tournament. Can they avoid making history?

David: This is unusual. I think I might be the only Kansas fan who’s actually optimistic about this game. Yeah, Penn has a better chance than most 16 seeds of going nuts from three and maybe pulling off an upset, but that’s also really their only path to doing so. KU has an enormous talent advantage, and in all likelihood they’ve heard a lot this week about how this could be the first 1/16 upset. Not happening. Kansas 75, Penn 63

Fizzle406: I’m feeling good about this game. Which could be a problem because all of the games I have felt good about since Big 12 play started we have lost. Does that scare me? Hell no. Its not big 12 play anymore. Kansas 86, Penn 60

Kyle_Davis21: Did you guys know that Penn is the best 16 seed ever? I feel like no one is talking about this… I do think Penn can keep it within single digits for a half or so but eventually Kansas’ athleticism and shooting should push this game out of reach. The Jayhawks should have plenty of motivation over all the upset talk and are playing in a virtual home game. Kansas 79, Penn 62

dnoll5: I’m worried, yes, but that is no different than I feel for every first round matchup that KU plays. It literally doesn’t matter for me who they play (and most of you probably), but nerves are always there. I think that KU will take the recent “Penn Wins” talk and motivate them as Kyle mentioned above. Dunk it every time that you don’t drive it on these dudes. Wear them out with athleticism. It’ll break them down. I’ll likely miss the first 10 minutes of this one, and I hope to be in a place where worry won’t exist the minute I put the game on. Kansas 88, Penn 72.

Mike.Plank: All of the worrying is overrated. If this team wasn’t gonna be the first KU team in 14 years to not win the Big 12, then they aren’t going to be the first 1 seed to lose to a 16. Kansas 88, Penn 66

Andy Mitts: Like most years, I’m completely confident that Kansas is going to win the title when I fill out my bracket. I’m also completely confident my bracket will look like trash by Thursday night. However, there is no way that this upset happens. Kansas isn’t solely a 3-point shooting team, and Penn doesn’t have enough inside to stop the Jayhawks. Kansas 98, Penn 71