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Notebook: Self won’t rest starters at Oklahoma State

We do not follow maps to buried treasure, and “X” never, ever marks the spot.

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Kansas Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Self says he won’t rest any starters on Saturday at Oklahoma State.

Self also says Azubuike’s effort has been more consistent over the latter half of the season.

Scott Chasen breaks down some video from the UT game.

In other news....

Pitt basketball has completed it’s KU football-esque fall after a perfectly imperfect 0-18 ACC campaign.

Still Way-Too-Early preseason college football rankings are coming out, and 247Sports puts K-State at #21.

The State of Illinois has proposed a ban on tackle football for kids under the age of 12.

The Golden State Warriors did not visit the White House as is typically tradition; instead, they visited the National Museum of African-American History and Culture with local kids.

Lawyers have descended on the University of Arizona as they try to figure out basketball coach Sean Miller’s fate.

Nate Robinson, who for a while played both football and basketball at Washington, says a booster offered his family $100k to stay on the football team.

James Harden may have just ended Wesley Johnson’s career.