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The Big Game OGT

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NFL: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As tonight's game approaches, this is your place to discuss all things NFL. If you haven't already checked out our prop bet challenge, you probably should.

Just in case this game is news to you, here are the specifics:

Game time: 5:30 Jayhawk Time (though if you have any bets involving the anthem, you should probably tune in earlier)

Network: NBC (which means my favorite NFL announcing duo of Michaels and Collinsworth)

Entertainment: Pink sings the national anthem, while Justin Timberlake returns to the halftime show after the infamous wardrobe malfunction in 2004 (read here for a detailed investigation of what really happened)

The floor is yours to distract yourself from concerns about KU basketball with talk of the game, how much you hate the Patriots, and what you're going to eating and drinking too much of tonight