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Notebook: Basking in the glow of #14

I could sing a song way out of tune and not care a bit about it

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Kansas Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Self admits that two games into the conference slate, he wasn’t confident that Kansas would be able to get #14.

The emergence of Marcus Garrett over the past few games has been a huge boon for KU.

I generally think ranking things is pretty dumb, but it tends to generate discussion, so here is Blair Kerkhoff ranking KU’s 14 Big 12 Champions.

What was Devonte Graham’s mom thinking during her son’s senior night speech?

Tickets for the Big 12 Tournament are still available.

You may remember the story of one of the oldest KU basketball fans in the area, who recently got a happy birthday phone call from her favorite player, Devonte Graham.

Kansas tennis moves to #20 in the rankings.

KU softball’s home opening double header ended in a split with South Dakota State.

In other news...

Just a reminder that Kansas hasn’t lost on senior night since 1983, unlike some schools.

The NCAA will be testing rule changes in the NIT this year, all of which I think I like. Can’t wait to hear about the experience from our “friends” in Manhattan if the ‘Cats finish the season on a four-game bender.

LeBron didn’t name names, but said that if he would have gone to college, he wasn’t “going to be poor for very long.”

The NFL is considering changing the penalty for defensive pass interference.

The NFL is also working on revising the catch rule. Under the proposed changes, Dez would have caught it, and so would Calvin Johnson.

The NFL is ALSO expected to pass what is called the Josh McDaniels Rule; basically, it will allow teams to hire coaches after the regular season ends even if those hires are still employed and in a playoff run.

A Pennsylvania family is suing a Steeler’s player for cyber-bullying.

Arkansas State is suing Miami for breach of contract regarding their scheduled football game last year.

Get off my plane.