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Impressions from Section 7

A fitting end to a historical season

Texas v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Last night I got to attend senior night for the first time since 1999, my senior year at Kansas. After being lucky enough to score a ticket from a friend, I thought I’d do a “View from Section 5” style post a la Mike and his now famous delayed live tweeting of football games. Since I didn’t have the foresight to write down all the emotions I was feeling on a moment by moment basis, this post will be more of a recap of feelings than anything else. Here we go:

  • I didn’t realize how good these seats were going to be. I’d never actually had a seat back at Allen Fieldhouse before. Section 7, Row 6, perfectly aligned with the free throw stripe. I could get used to it. Does that make me old?
  • The red uniforms looked good, I’ll admit it. I haven’t been a huge advocate of crimson unis in any sport, but they looked pretty good. By my count, KU has worn at least eight different uniforms this season.
  • The pre and post-game “Thank you seniors” videos were a nice touch. These were the same videos that the official KU basketball social media sites were posting, but they seemed more meaningful at the Fieldhouse with the seniors there.
  • The crowd was pretty into it throughout. Of course the best signs in the crowd were the 14 back to back to back signs, but my favorite was one that said “Shaka Dumb.” So simple, yet so elegant.
  • Watching Dok dunk in person is even better than watching him dunk on TV, and I LOVE watching him dunk on TV.
  • Seeing Marcus Garrett in person really solidified in my mind how good this kid is defensively. He is so active. I’m not sure, but yesterday’s game seemed to his best in a KU uniform to date.
  • It’s always awesome to see Holly Rowe with her fingers covered in championship rings. When they put her on the videoboard, the student section started a “Holly!, Holly!” chant.
  • And senior night is always special. The 14 trophies out there look better and better each year. Seriously, whoever’s idea it was to do that several years back deserves all the credit. It looks awesome.
  • Obviously the standout senior speech was from Devonte. He was emotional, but Bill Self was as well. It’s apparent the love and respect that those two guys have for one another. Devonte was great and I’m rooting for him harder than any Jayhawk in recent memory.
  • As for Self, when he was introducing the guys, I kept thinking about recruiting and how anyone could say no to Self when he walks into their living room. The guy captures a room like so very few can.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but overall, it was a great night at Allen Fieldhouse and yet another great night to be a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk.