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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Texas Longhorns

What is going to happen on Senior Night?

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Senior Night, a magical night where Kansas can’t ever seem to lose, and we all get to celebrate the players that are being forced to end their collegiate career. Is there any chance that Kansas doesn’t give these seniors a proper sendoff?

David: The pressure’s been lifted, but KU still needs to keep the intensity up. Texas needs a big win just like this to try and get themselves on the right side of the bubble. Fortunately, I think Kansas can win this even if they have a bit of a hangover. They likely won’t see a lot of success inside against Bamba, so the only way they drop this is probably a terrible outside shooting night. I just don’t see them laying an egg like that on senior night, though. Kansas 79, Texas 70

Mike.Plank: Do you guys really think the Big 12 is going to give KU a 35-2 edge from the foul line again? We all know the Jayhawks can’t win without help from the refs. There’s no way the conference can get away with it again this year. Sorry, Devonte, sorry, Svi, looks like you guys will be the first ones to lose on senior night in 35 years (1983). Texas 77, Kansas 70.

Kyle_Davis21: From a pure emotional standpoint, I wouldn’t pick against any Kansas team on senior night, and I definitely can’t when it’s for a guy I’ve been on the bandwagon for since his freshman year (Devonte’ Graham). But the numbers back this up. Texas’ defense is strong, but the offense...not so much. The Longhorns are last in the Big 12 in scoring (70.1 ppg), and when it comes to areas of the game teams need to do well in order to win in Allen Fieldhouse, Texas isn’t great. Texas is ninth in the conference in 3-point percentage (32.8%), seventh in 2-point percentage (48.1%), seventh in free-throw attempts (and last in percentage), and seventh in offensive rebounds. So yeah, couple that with senior night and Kansas knowing it can win the league outright,I don’t see an upset happening. Svi, Devonte’ and Clay Young get a final win in AFH and Devonte’ keeps up his push for All-American status. Kansas 76, Texas 69

Fizzle406: The bad news is I am feeling very confident of a win tonight. Everytime time I’ve been confident of a win during Big 12 play we have lost. The good news is that is senior night and I don’t see a scenario where Svi and Devonte lose on senior night. The real question is how long does Bill leave Clay Young in the game? Does he make the under 16 timeout? I don’t see that happening. Hopefully he gets one last bucket tonight though. Kansas 77, Texas 70

dnoll5: I just scored a ticket to tonight’s game, so I really hope we win. Can’t see any way around a W in this one what with all the emotions being described above. Ideal situation: KU wins the tip and runs a set play for a Clay Young alley-oop. Then KU blitzes Texas for a sizeable lead (let’s say about 20) and guys get to rest. Dudes like Young and De Sousa get plenty of time to lead the party deep into the night. Oh, and cart out those 14 trophies so we can see them all, Kansas 98, Texas 80.

Andy Mitts: I’m guessing David made his pick before it was announced that Mo Bamba was out for tonight’s game, and Mike is just trying to mess with all of our heads. Kansas has not lost on Senior Night since 1983, and there is no reason to think it will happen tonight. Kansas 87, Texas 72.