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Player Ratings to the Theme of Useless Holidays

Valentine’s Day is Dumb.

Valentine's Day In Paris Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images

Well, KU escaped Hilton by hanging on. I guess there will be a lot said about it in the coming days, but today is Valentine’s Day, so let’s rank the uselessness of these made up “holidays.” They more useless, the higher rating.

5 Stars: Valentine’s Day

I mean, isn’t it obvious that this holiday is made up so men are guilt tripped into buying something for their wives or girlfriends? How much money does Russell Stover or Hershey’s or the stuffed animal and long stem rose industry make on this farce anyway?

Unfortunately, no KU players was as good as Valentine’s Day is pointless.

4.5 Stars: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patty’s is amateur hour in a nutshell. People go out and get loaded on Guinness and Harp and wear green and act the fool because it’s more socially acceptable. What’s the point? I can drink beer any time I want with far less chance of a stranger barfing on me.

Udoka Azubuike. Big Dok dominated this game. He was nine of ten from the field and when he was on the floor, KU was a much better team.

4 Stars: Flag Day

Memorial Day is usually two or three weeks before Flag Day and Independence Day is 20 days later. Flag day is useless. It isn’t even designed to sell candy or stuffed animals or green beer. What is the point?

Lagerald Vick. That’s more like it. Lagerald was back to being a very useful component for KU. He went four of seven from beyond the arc and finished with 16 points in 29 minutes.

Malik Newman. Nailed the three that killed off the game. I thought Malik was very good, but still believe that he should drive the lane more often. He seems to get to the hole with ease.

3.5 Stars: Columbus Day

The guy made a wrong turn and he gets a holiday? Come on. Columbus sucks, and the more we learn about him, the more we should reconsider having a day named after him. The fact that many places are already starting to replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day (rightfully so) is why this faux holiday isn’t rated higher.

Devonte Graham. This guy must be getting tired. Missing the free throws at the end almost cost KU. Here’s an idea: in the Big 12 tournament KU should give Silvio De Sousa, Sam Cunliffe, Clay Young, Chris Teahan, and the football player 40 minutes each and just see what happens. Give Devonte a week off.

Marcus Garrett. The man knows his role. Made a few good defensive plays in this one.

3 Stars: Halloween

I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I hate Halloween. As an adult with no kids, I can’t see the point. Plus, I haven’t dressed up in costume since I was 12, and the idea of ever doing it again in my life seems pointless. Side note: I was once asked to come to a friend’s Halloween party where it was “mandatory” to dress up. My wife and I each put on a nametag. Mine said “MacMillan” and hers said “Wife.” Old people will get it.

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk. I’m going to give Svi a little bit of a reprieve considering that black eye he suffered last time. Hopefully, he’ll be back to his old self soon.

Mitch Lightfoot. I thought Mitch was pretty good, but you could see a huge drop off in overall team production when he is on the court as opposed to Dok.

Silvio De Sousa. The big freshman had his most productive game as a Jayhawk. Looking forward to what he’ll be next season.

2 Stars: Arbor Day/Earth Day

Now we’re getting into less pointless “holidays.” See how this works? Arbor Day and Earth Day are usually overlooked, but the idea behind them is strong. I like both of these days and being at the bottom of a ratings list is finally a good thing.

No KU player was as bad as Arbor Day and Earth Day is meaningful.

1 Star: Thanksgiving

The king of all American holidays. Thanksgiving rules.

Luckily, no KU player was as bad as Thanksgiving is awesome.


Sam Cunliffe.

As usual, your critiques of this list are welcome.