NFL Championship Game Prop Bet Contest

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Alright so there's only a few days left, but, I thought it might be fun to do a Super Bowl NFL Championship Game prop bets contest.

There MAY or MAY NOT be a prize for the winner; it MAY or MAY NOT be some sort of gift bag of goodies from Snickers. No promises, but I'm working on it.


I picked out 40 prop bets. Whoever gets the most right, wins. Entries must be made in the comments section; any entries from Twitter or Facebook will not be counted. The tiebreaker is the bonus question of total points scored, non-Price Is Right rules.

Simple enough?

On to the bets!


1. Bill Belichick wears a hoodies during the game: Yes/No

2. Nielsen Rating: Over/Under 45.5

3. MVP: Brady/Foles/Gronkowski/Other

4. Player to score first touchdown: Gronkowski/Ertz/Cooks/Jeffery/Ajayi/Agholor/Blount/Lewis/Other

5. Longest Touchdown: Over/Under 42.5 yards

6. Shortest Touchdown: Over/Under 1.5 yards

7. Total Touchdowns: Over/Under 5.5

8. Patriots score in all four quarters: Yes/No

9. First team to score: Eagles/Patriots

10. Final score of the game is a touchdown: Yes/No

11. First offensive play of the game: Pass (or sack)/ Rush

12. Total sacks in the game: Over/Under 4.5

13. Total field goals made: Over/Under 3.5

14. Team that scores first wins: Yes/No

15. Will either team attempt a 2-point conversion: Yes/No

16. Will there be a successful 4th down converstion: Yes/No

17. Total fumbles lost by both teams: Over/Under 0.5

18. Total interceptions by both teams: Over/Under 1.5

19. Total players to record rushing attempt: Over/Under 10.5

20. Will any player be called for offensive pass interference: Yes/No

21. Will Tom Brady wear a bandage on his right hand? Yes/No

22. Coin Toss: Heads/Tails

23. Will Al Michaels or Chris Collinoworth say "Pro Football Focus": Yes/No

24. How often will Michaels or Collinsworth say "Dynasty": Over/Under 2.5

25. Who will Tony Dungy predict to win? Eagles/Patriots

26. Length of National Anthem: Over/Under 120 seconds

27. Will Justin Timberlake say "Trump" during halftime show? Yes/No

28. Who will make halftime appearance with JT? Britney Spears/Janet Jackson/Al Michaels/Tony Romo/Any member of NSYNC/Jay Z/Madonna/Other

29. How many commercials will Peyton Manning appear in? Over/Under 2.5

30. Winner of 14th Puppy Bowl: Fluff/Ruff

31. Tom Brady pass attempts: Over/Under 40

32. Dion Lewis rush yards: Over/Under 53.5

33. Brandin Cooks receiving yards: Over/Under 68.5

34. Rob Gronkowski receiving yards: Over/Under 74.5

35. Nick Foles total pass yards: Over/Under 250.5

36. Jay Ajayi total rush yards: Over/Under 63.5

37. Nelson Agholar total receiving yards: Over/Under 43.5

38. Zach Ertz total receptions: Over/Under 5

39. Game Line: New England -4.5 / Philadelphia +4.5

40. Game Total: Over/Under 47.5 Points


TIEBREAKER: Total points scored