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Notebook: Kansas Ready for Final Non-Con Game Today

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Kansas v Illinois X Langford

Kansas News

Another Doke update: 'Good chance' KU 7-footer makes return
“We’ll see how he does today, but yeah I think there’s a chance," Self said of Azubuike playing in the Jayhawks' December finale against Eastern Michigan. "I’d certainly like to play him if we could and if the doctor and trainer say its OK, but he practiced up and down yesterday. I think there’s a good chance he can get some minutes tomorrow.”

Eastern Michigan could test KU in three ways, Bill Self says
The Jayhawks will close out their non-conference slate — at least the pre-Big 12 non-conference slate — against Eastern Michigan on Saturday. While the game may not necessarily be against a big-name opponent, the Eagles could test the Jayhawks in three ways, KU coach Bill Self alluded to on Friday

Quick scout: Why KU’s shot selection will be worth watching against Eastern Michigan
Eastern Michigan, which ranks 36th nationally in average height, does little well offensively besides attacking the offensive glass (44th in O-rebounding rate).

Getting to know: Eastern Michigan basketball | Jackson's Journal |
Saturday’s afternoon tilt with Eastern Michigan at Allen Fieldhouse will be the last tuneup before the start of Big 12 play. This will be the first meeting between these two teams. According to, Kansas (10-1) is ranked No. 5 and Eastern Michigan (6-6) is ranked No. 190.

Benton Smith: Easing Udoka Azubuike back into rotation now good for KU's long-term success |
While no one should expect to see the most spry version of Udoka Azubuike on the court Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse, it seems a fairly safe bet that the University of Kansas basketball team’s junior center will return to the lineup against Eastern Michigan.

Kansas DBs coach Chevis Jackson excited for reunion with Les Miles |
Back in his playing days at LSU, when Chevis Jackson was a cornerback helping the Tigers and their head coach Les Miles win both an SEC and BCS championship, he didn’t exactly spend any of his spare time pondering the idea of one day becoming Miles’ colleague.

Is KU ready for Big 12 play? Bill Self assesses his squad
“I think we’re ready for Big 12 [play]. I think we played the best schedule in the country," Self responded. "I think we’ve played a schedule to prepare us for that.”

Other Sports News

Montrezl Harrell of LA Clippers tells Lakers fans 'there's two teams in L.A.'
LOS ANGELES -- As the buzzer sounded Friday night and Lakers fans booed after a deflating loss, Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell raised his hands and motioned for the crowd to keep the jeers coming.

Enes Kanter of New York Knicks says Bucks assistant Darvin Ham should be fined
New York Knicks big man Enes Kanter believes Milwaukee assistant Darvin Ham should be disciplined for coming between him and Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo during a brief skirmish in Thursday's game.

Andrew Wiggins of Minnesota Timberwolves pulls no punches over fans' boos
"That's fans for you," Wiggins said. "We've got some s---ty fans, and we've got some good fans. That's just how it works."

Nick Saban Lincoln Riley College Football Playoff battle
There was a certain juxtaposition on display when Alabama coach Nick Saban exited the main podium inside Hard Rock Stadium in South Florida on Thursday morning, giving way to Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley, as the two coaches spoke at the Capital One Orange Bowl media day.

Other News

Loki Was Under Thanos' Mind Control In The First "Avengers" Film
Loki may not be as horrible of a villain as we thought. The Trickster god may not have been in full control when he invaded Earth in the first Avengers film. Let's take it back to the first Thor. In the film, Loki learns that he's adopted and half ice-giant. His anger and pain caused him to scheme for the throne, which should belong to Thor. After a failed attempt to take over, Loki falls from the Bifrost and seemingly dies. Then, He reappears in Avengers after falling from the Bifrost into another dimension where he meets The Other and the Chitauri.

NASA's New Horizons probe set for historic New Year's rendezvous in deep space
As revelers around the world gather to celebrate the start of 2019, a NASA space probe will be ringing in the new year with a meet-up of its own some 4 billion miles from Earth.

Aretha Franklin Owes IRS Over $6M in Unpaid Taxes
Aretha Franklin’s estate reportedly owes $6.3 million in unpaid taxes and $1.5 million in penalties attributed to the late legendary singer from 2012 to 2018, according to TMZ. The huge tax lien comes from several audits over the past six years. But an attorney for the Franklin estate says the estate has already paid the IRS at least $3 million in back taxes, according to the Detroit News.

Recreational Weed Not as Profitable in California as Projected
The sale of recreational marijuana has been legal in California for just shy of a year now, and the dreams of what many imagined would become a wildly successful venture for growers, sellers, and everyone involved have seemingly gone up in smoke.