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Twas The Night Before RCTmas

Tokyo’s Great Santa Run Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

Twas the night before RCTmas, and all through the server,

RCT readers were chilling, not exactly creating a fervor.

Their stockings were hung on the goalposts with care,

Hoping for a football coach soon to be there.

The readers were all nestled in their beds

While visions of another Orange Bowl danced in their heads.

In the yard there arose quite a clatter,

And we all ran to see what was the matter.

We sprang to the window at record speed,

And looking outside, what did we see?

In the window we saw the reflection of our smiles,

Because holy $%!# Kansas hired Les Miles.

Unfortunately it is winter, because alas

He could use a nice helping of grass.

Nonetheless, Les appeared and gave to us all

A reason to watch KU in the fall.

He gave us a great staff, and no more frowns

At Kansas calling timeout on fourth down.

No more tunnel screens, no more shifting QBs

No more too many men on the field if you please.

And one last quick gift for all of you,

A team that looks like it has a clue.

With just these gifts, we’d already formed a bond.

Next up, a Bed Bath and Beyond.

After this my Christmas spirit was growing,

But the real gift is next year; going bowling.

So at the end, Les leaped into the night

And yelled Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.