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KU Football retains Bowen, Hull

Kansas v Baylor Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

During tonight's basketball game, Kansas football announced that two position coaches from the David Beaty era will stick around.

The first, running backs coach Tony Hull, is no surprise. Hull, a New Orleans native, is responsible for the "Louisianimals," headlined by Mike Lee, Corione Harris, and of course, Pooka Williams. He's been credited with most of the Beaty regime's recruiting successes, and makes some sense from the standpoint of continuing to recruit Louisiana, as well as retaining some current players.

Clint Bowen at this point seems tethered to the University of Kansas. He was part of Mark Mangino's staff, and after Turner Gill was fired, came back to oversee the DBs under Charlie Weis, eventually earning back the DC title. After a stint as interim coach when Weis was sacked, he stayed on staff to run the defense under Beaty. He did take a demotion to stay in Lawrence, however, as he'll now only be coaching the safeties.

Many fans will be happy to hear about Hull. Bowen also has some fan support as a committed Jayhawk, though whether his track record purely as a coach is good enough to warrant what appears to be a lifelong appointment to the coaching staff is very debatable.