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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Villanova Wildcats

The crew gets together to tell you what to expect in today’s game.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Villanova vs Kansas Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Finals are over, and the Kansas Jayhawks are back in action against the Villanova Wildcats today, in what many are dubbing the revenge game. Will Kansas finally get their act together and start playing like the team we all know they can be, or does Villanova come in and make the Jayhawk faithful curse and throw things at their TV once again?

Fizzle406: To paraphrase Buzz from Home Alone, Kansas has played like crap too many times and this time they will catch it in the butt. I think Villanova hands Kansas their first loss of the year. Aren’t we 0-3 against them in our last few meetings? We gotta change that. Not happening today though, folks. Villanova 80, Kansas 71

dnoll5: This Kansas team has shown that it can care about games when the opposition is A) ranked- Michigan State, Tennessee, etc or B) has a name- Marquette. And Villanova fits in both categories. I predict that Bill Self at least will have had this game circled for a while now, and that Kansas plays their best game since the first game of the season. Kansas 88, Villanova 78.

Kyle_Davis21: To go off what dnoll5 was getting at, this Kansas team seems to play up (and down) to the competition. If this game was in Philly, I’d be a little more worried. But this Nova team does not have what past Wildcat teams have—not just in terms of talent but also experience and poise. Nova looked uneasy at the end of that Penn game, and seeing as this team shoots a lot from 3 without shooting it very well, I can see them forcing up bad shots and getting rattled by the crowd at the end of the game. Kansas 84, Villanova 77

David: Villanova doesn’t really have an answer for Dedric Lawson’s game around the basket, but Villanova use the type of team who will be more than ready to capitalize on the open threes KU likes to allow. This may just come down to who can do a better job of talking advantage of the other’s weakness. The Jayhawks have been scraping by all season. It’s bound to end some time. Villanova 79, Kansas 78

Mitch Lightfoot GOAT: KU will look ok in spurts, then stop playing offense in spurts, get up by ten or so, watch Villanova hit some threes to make it close, and then find a way to win at the end. Kansas 78, Villanananova 75

Mike.Plank: One of these teams is blowing out the other - it will be a 20-point game. Either Lawson will be a beast like David said, or ‘Nova will go bonkers from three (again) and blow out the home team. As many open shooters as this KU team has allowed, I’ll lean toward the latter. Villanova 88, Kansas 70.

Andy Mitts: I really don’t know what to expect from this team, other than they will be down big at some point in the game, go on a ridiculous run at another point in the game, and make us wonder if these guys have ever played basketball at some other point. Villanova isn’t afraid to shoot even the most contested threes, but Kansas isn’t very good at contesting them in the first place. Kansas squeaks this one out barely, leaving us all to wonder if we are ever going to have a comfortable win ever again. Kansas 82, Villanova 80