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Podcast: Champions Classic and Sunflower Showdown

Fetch helps me recap the MSU game, and Grant Thome joins to talk about KSU and the game this weekend.

NCAA Basketball: Champions Classic-Kansas at Michigan State Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another big episode today, as we break down what happened against Michigan State, and I reached out to Grant Thome over at the EMAWdio Podcast to preview the upcoming game. Grant is awesome (for a K-State fan) and I highly recommend that you listen to this episode to get all the intel you need for this weekend.

Also, our next show is episode 100. Send me some ideas about how we should celebrate.

Topics discussed:


-Keys to a dominant first half.

-Dedric Lawson has a “bad” game.

-Kansas let up in the second half.

-Should Duke be #1 in the polls?

-Devon Dotson on defense.

-Previewing Vermont and Louisiana.

-KU Football coaching search.



-Was Kansas State expecting to be this bad this year?

-Is this/should this be the end of the Bill Snyder era?

-How is recruiting being affected?

-What edge does KSU have in this game.

-KSU passing game.

-How will KSU handle Pooka Williams and Khalil Herbert?

-Most important matchup of the game.


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