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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Michigan State

The crew kicks off the basketball season by telling you what is going to happen in tonight's game.

Syracuse v Michigan State Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

It's finally basketball season. While many people are probably distracted by working out voting logistics, RCT has you covered on all your game prep for the Champions Classic tonight. That includes telling you exactly what to expect so you don't have to stress out about the game.

Mike.Plank: Ok, I guess I’ll go first. Fetch wrote a pretty good preview of Michigan State, so be sure you check that out. I dunno what to think. I didn’t watch much of the two exhibition contests. All I know is that KU is just 3-4 in this event but 0-2 against Michigan State. Is it time to even up those records? Hopefully, but I dunno. Probably not. I’d rather win games in March and April anyway. Michigan State 78, Kansas 76.

Fizzle406: Again, i can’t believe the NCAA moved these games up a week to be the official kick off of college basketball but then had the brilliant idea to hold them on the same night as an election. Why not do the 24 hour marathon? That was awesome. Plus who wants to see two top ten teams play their first game against each other with no warm up? Throw a couple of cupcakes in to knock off the rust. No one really cares about college basketball this time of year anyway. I have no idea who wins this. I’ll go Kansas because Kansas is awesome. Kansas 77, Michigan State 70

Kyle_Davis21: Putting the start of the season up against the midterms wasn’t great planning, but I’m all for having it on Tuesday—a day without many other sporting events and people can associate with college basketball—instead of Friday when it would just be overshadowed by the NBA and a weekend of football. Nick Ward is a force inside for the Spartans, but without Miles Bridges and Jaren Jackson, I’m not sure who else can slow down KU’s bigs. MSU turned it over a lot last year, and Kansas wasn’t exactly pristine with the ball in the exhibitions (take that for what you will), so it may be a bit sloppy at the start. But I like KU to edge out a victory in an overall entertaining game. Kansas 74, Michigan State 70

David: I can see Michigan State’s backcourt causing some problems, especially if Dotson and Grimes get substantial playing time (which I assume they will). As incredibly talented as this Kansas team is, these guys haven’t played with each other much, so I can see team defense being an issue early on. Michigan State’s experience, particularly at guard, gives them a very slight edge here. Michigan State 73, Kansas 70

dnoll5: Well, KU showed absolutely nothing against their two preseason foes, so I expect a vastly different and more coherent KU than we saw in the last few weeks. Other than that, I have nothing. It’s too early for much analysis from me. Kansas 77, Michigan State 71.

Andy Mitts: Not only did Fetch do a great preview, we also recorded a great episode of the podcast taking about this game. Check it out.

As for the game itself, I'm expecting more inside out play this season, and that will get started early against the Spartans. Dedric Lawson gives the Jayhawks a true 4 that can play outside, instead of a guard impersonating a 4, and that will be a big boon to the offense. I expect an up and down game with a lot of growing pains, especially for the Jayhawks. Give me Kansas in a barn burner. Kansas 87, Michigan State 83.