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David Beaty out at Kansas?

There’s some reports on Twitter that David Beaty will be relieved of his duties within the next 24 hours.

Rutgers v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

It is, but also is not, being reported that David Beaty will be fired within the next 24 hours as the head coach of the Kansas football program.

How’s that for an “out,” Tait?

Soren Petro is the host of a daytime sports talk show on 810 WHB in Kansas City:


Beaty has just a 6-39 record at Kansas, and was just 3-33 over his first three seasons. Over the past four years, his teams have been plagued by substitution errors, odd clock management, questionable playcalling on third and fourth downs, and failure to settle the quarterback position. The most damning thing is the gameday issues from season 1 were still around in season 4.

In addition, recruiting is in a tenuous spot, as Beaty resorted to Juco transfers during the last two classes, bringing in 10 Jucos in the 2017 class and 14(!!!) in the 2018 class (per 247Sports). It is widely reported that due to Jucos, transfers, grayshirts and blueshirts, KU has just 15 scholarships available for the 2019 class.

The Jayhawks have just one (verbal) commit for the 2019 class.

Here’s my best guess at who will be coaching KU football in 2019:

David Beaty 0%

Not David Beaty 100%