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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Marquette Golden Eagles

Find out exactly what’s going to happen tonight.

Davidson v Marquette Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

As I’m sure you have all heard by now, the Kansas Jayhawks play tonight against the Marquette Golden Eagles. We’ve heard all about the game, and now it is time to figure out exactly what is going to happen tonight. To help, we got the crew together to tell you what you will see.

Kyle_Davis21: Kansas’ 3-point defense is going to be put to the test as Marquette takes 46% of its shots from 3-point range. So hopefully the Jayhawks have learned from their last two games. Kansas should also hope the Golden Eagles continue shooting just 33% from beyond the arc. Despite the threat from outside, Marquette turns it over a lot (21% of the time) and hasn’t been overly efficient on the offensive end. That should be enough for Kansas to get by. Kansas 85, Marquette 76

Mike.Plank: Marquette got rolled by Indiana a week or two ago, but fetch says they’re really good shooters, and if Vermont and Louisiana can hang with KU, Marquette probably will be able to as well. Everything I’ve seen so far seems to indicate this could be a close game. I think one team is going to get rolled, and it’s whichever team isn’t making shots. Flip a coin as to who you think that will be, and… Kansas 90, Marquette 67.

David: From what I’ve read this week, it sounds like Self is addressing the issues they’ve had with allowing open threes. I think we’ll see a better defensive showing with a quality opponent in Marquette. I also expect to see Lawson getting into the rhythm of the offense. I don’t expect a blowout, but probably a comfortable win. Kansas 84, Marquette 73

Fizzle406: I don’t know much about Marquette so take this for what it’s worth. Given the depth and talent on the KU roster this year and knowing how these tournaments are structured, I expect a win tonight and a comfortable one at that. Kansas 87, Marquette 72

Andy Mitts: I expect a more focused Kansas team, and having 5 days off to find some more chemistry should help with the many miscues. Assuming they can buckle down on the three point line in this one, I just don’t see how Marquette has enough to keep up. Kansas gets out to a quick lead, keeping it to a ten-point halftime lead. Then they maintain the lead throughout the night, settling in with a comfortable win. Kansas 84, Marquette 71.