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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Kansas State

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen in today’s game.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks are facing their last decent chance of scoring a win for the season, in a game where David Beaty and the players are dealing with the new reality of his impending departure. Will there be an emotional bump from the news of his firing, and can the Jayhawks pull out one last victory for their coach?

Mike.Plank: So K-State is down to one quarterback (I guess that’s one way to end a QB controversy) and RB Alex Barnes is reportedly out, too. So… nobody is going to score I guess? I mean, I’ve seen David Beaty call plays, and it ain’t pretty, y’all. Kansas State 6, Kansas 5.

Kyle_Davis21: I’m sure the players will be motivated to play well in Beaty’s first game since his firing was announced. And if ever there was a year K-State was vulnerable, this would be it. All that being said, I still can’t pick an upset. Kansas State 17, Kansas 13

dnoll5: KU would have a legitimate chance in this game if not for one factor: Bill Snyder. That old man cares about this game and has always treated it as if it meant something even when it didn’t (his first few years and the Gill/Weis/Beaty eras). There is no way K-State is losing this, but since Beaty has one foot out the door, I’ll be cheering harder for KU than I typically would have. Kansas State 21, Kansas 17 (Beaty punts it away late in the fourth quarter only to never get it back thus accentuating the one thing he was ever good at while at Kansas).

David: The Jayhawks will proudly rally around their coach following the news of his firing. They’ll leave it all on the field, as they scratch and claw their way to a resounding defeat that will be the turning point for K-State, who will somehow end up in a bowl game this year. Kansas State 38, Kansas 14

Fizzle406: KState sucks this year and they are missing players however Grandpa Snyder will rally them for one last beat down of Kansas. Kansas State 40, Kansas 6

Andy Mitts: Guys, the KSU offense just as bad as ours, and they aren’t set up to take advantage of our biggest defensive weakness: the ability to get beat deep with passes over the top. That being said, our offense isn’t going to fair so well against their defense, and they still do have a decided schematic advantage when it come to Bill Snyder over David Beaty. I expect a really close, low scoring game that Kansas State will pull out after another David Beaty tactical error. Kansas State 13, Kansas 10.