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Kansas falls at West Virginia 38-22

KU gets a moral victory (of sorts) in Morgantown.

Kansas v West Virginia Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Will Grier Heisman train may have been placed on a sidetrack for a week as the Kansas defense gave a Herculean effort at West Virginia on Saturday afternoon. As is all too familiar to Kansas fans, unfortunately the offense didn’t help.

Like, at all.

Grier’s final line doesn’t look all that terrible: 28-41, 332 yards, 4 TD, 3 INT. But the Heisman hopeful also fumbled once, was sacked five times, and was continually harrassed by Jayhawk defenders. All three INTs came in the red zone and in the first half.

KU also had 10 TFL against a West Virginia team that had only allowed 14 TFL in their first four games of the season combined.

The Jayhawks had a fourth INT in the third quarter on a play that was ruled an incomplete pass on the field, but for some reason the referees didn’t see what everyone at home saw - that the ball never touched the ground - and the Mountaineers went up 28-14 a couple of plays later on the final play of the third quarter, a play that ended up being the back-breaker for Kansas.

KU just never got anything going offensively all game. The Jayhawks had three drives of 70+ yards, but one of those was the final possession of the game with West Virginia holding a 38-14 lead and the Mountaineers in a prevent defense.

WVU outgained KU 509-286, and KU had three turnovers of its own to negate Grier’s four turnovers.

Kansas football threw the kitchen sink at West Virginia today, but as usual, a David Beaty-coached team couldn’t get out of its own way. There were many... interesting... things that happened. KU got penalized twice for delay of game on the defense, something about imitating the snap count. There were more substitution penalties. At least KU tried in the first half with trick plays, fake punts, and the like.

However, when push came to shove, plays weren’t made. If there’s anything that sums up Kansas football under Beaty, it is this: with 8:40 left in the fourth quarter and the score 28-14 WVU, Kansas forced a punt from the WVU 6-yard line. Instead of selling out for a block, KU tried to set up a return, the ball bounced of the returner’s hands, and West Virginia recovered.

The fact that Kansas threw 34 passes and only had 19 rushes by running backs is an absolute travesty.

Up next, Kansas has a bye week, which means this weekend is the perfect time to go ahead and fire David Beaty. KU will return to the field on Saturday, Oct 20, at Texas Tech.