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Oklahoma State: The View from Section 9

A Twitter-esque recap of the Kansas football game vs OSU.

Kansas Jayhawks cheerleaders pose for a picture with a fan.
Mike Plank


I hate 11 AM kickoffs.

Cloudy and chilly to begin the day.

Supposed to warm up over 70 but stay cloudy. I can handle that.

Meeting my folks at the game. They come up for one every year.

Got the baby strapped to my chest.

Keep your parent-shaming to yourself.

We’ve got pregame field passes thanks to my awesome ticket rep at KU Athletics.

Jeff Long came over and talked to some folks in our group.

Dude is full of enthusiasm.

Wow he is pumped up.

(He’s probably just glad a few folks bothered to show up.)

Joined some other folks to help hold the flag during the national anthem.

It’s more difficult than it looks. Especially with a baby strapped to you.


LMAO. Defensive substitution penalty on KU on the second play of game.

OSU drives easily.

Carter Stanley? Bender was announced over PA pregame.


Drive stalls. 52-yard field goal attempt misses wide right.

OSU drives easily.

I feel like I just said that.

Stanley sacked.

Why would you design a play with multiple fakes that requires this offensive line to block for that long?

Roughing! We get another chance.



Wow we still have all of our timeouts.

OSU making offense look easy.

KU making offense look difficult.

Oooooookay I smell something.

Fortunately there’s a changing table in the men’s room.

Apparently all I missed were a bunch of punts.

Ugh. Going to the half down 24-7.

Could be worse I guess.


Baby is napping now.

Special guest appearance by the alumni band on the field.

Wonder if they’ll make the “don’t get burned deep” adjustment at halftime.



OSU still making offense look easy.

Beaty waving the white flag early, punt on 4th-and-1 with under 11 minutes to play in the third quarter.

You’re down by 17, make something happen. Try to win the game. Criminy.


And we give it back on the fumble.

Definitely not allowed to have nice things.


Going for it on fourth down?


Did Beaty take a bathroom break or something?


Only down 13... maybe there’s a chance.

See, that’s what can happen when you go for it - AND when you throw the ball DOWN THE FIELD and not toward the stupid sideline.

Defense holds! There’s a chance!

Three and out, of course.

Baby is awake again.

And OSU is back to making offense look easy again.

There’s no chance.

Stanley still fighting, still leading.

I like this kid.

I wish the coaches liked him as well.

OSU with the late TD to cover the spread.


Off to Culver’s.

Don’t really know what else to say.

Will Grier may lock up the Heisman next week.

Still had a fun day with grandma and grandpa.