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Podcast: TTU and TCU

I try not to get too mad/depressed about the Texas Tech game, and I welcome in Geoff Mitchell of The Frog Cast to preview Saturday’s game

Oklahoma v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

I have been really bad about getting these podcast episode up on here. I promise I’ll try to do better. But for those of you that have missed them, please go here to check out all the previous episodes, including our basketball preview with Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star.

And now on to today’s episode:

Topics discussed:

-The offense didn’t play any better against Texas Tech

-The defense played pretty well.

-Mike Lee is a monster.

TCU Preview

-How are the TCU fans dealing with this season?

-What happened to this team?

-Is the change at QB a good thing for TCU?

-Deep passing threats and running woes.

-Source of the defensive problems.

-What is the most important matchup in Saturday’s game?

-How worried are you about this game?

-Turpin no longer with the team.

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