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Tracking Potential Head Coach Candidates for KU Football - Week 8

No one knows what Jeff Long is thinking, but we’re keeping an eye on potential Beaty replacements throughout the season.

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Standard Intro: As requested by the commentariat, I’ve put together a list of most of the potential head coaching candidates that we discussed here at RCT during the offseason. You can find the links to those articles here, and here is the first post and explanation for why so-and-so is or isn’t on the list.

Major Applewhite, Tim Beck, Neal Brown, Seth Littrell, Jeff Tedford, and Ed Warriner are all part of coaching staffs that have six or more wins already in 2018.

Dave Doeren, Mike Elko, Doc Holliday, Jim Leonard, Jeff Monken, and Scott Satterfield all have five wins, just one away from bowl eligibility. It could be a crazy finish to college football’s 2018 season.

As for guys that are struggling, Craig Bohl is one loss away from being taken off this list. (Plus, he has an $8M buyout!) Ken Niumatalolo and Willie Fritz are the only other coaches on here under three wins. If Niumatalolo wants to try his triple-option offense at a place without the recruiting restrictions that a service academy has, this might be the year he’d be willing to bolt.

I’m taking Jason Candle off my personal favorites list for now as well. Toledo has struggled the past couple of weeks, and if KU goes to the MAC for a coach, I prefer Chris Creighton.

Once again, in alphabetical order:

Potential Coaches Week 8

Name Age Position School Salary Buyout 2018 Last Week
Name Age Position School Salary Buyout 2018 Last Week
Major Applewhite 40 HC Houston 1.75 M 2.1 M 6-1 W @ Navy 49-36
Tim Beck 52 OC Texas 800 K Unk 6-1 Bye
Craig Bohl 60 HC Wyoming 1.4 M 8 M 2-6 L vs USU 24-16
Neal Brown 38 HC Troy 810 K 2.9 M 6-2 W vs USA 38-17
Troy Calhoun 51 HC Air Force 885 K Unk 3-4 W @ UNLV 41-35
Matt Canada 46 OC Maryland 650 K 225 K 4-3 L @ Iowa 23-0
Jason Candle 38 HC Toledo 1.1 M 3.5 M 3-4 L vs Buff 31-17
Chris Creighton 49 HC Eastern Michigan 460 K 950 K 4-4 W @ Ball 42-20
Dave Doeren 46 HC NC State 3 M 6.1 M 5-1 L @ Clem 41-7
Mike Elko 41 DC Texas A&M 1.8 M Unk 5-2 Bye
Willie Fritz 58 HC Tulane 1.6 M Unk 2-5 L vs SMU 27-23
Doc Holliday 61 HC Marshall 760 K 1.9 M 5-2 W vs FAU 31-7
Lane Kiffin 43 HC Florida Atlantic 1 M 2.8 M 3-4 L @ Marsh 31-7
Jim Leonhard 35 DC Wisconsin 600 K Unk 5-2 W vs Illini 49-20
Seth Littrell 40 HC North Texas 1.4 M 4.4 M 6-2 L @ UAB 29-21
Jeff Monken 51 HC Army 930 K Unk 5-2 W vs MI-OH 31-30
Ken Niumatalolo 53 HC Navy 2.1 M Unk 2-5 L vs HOU 49-36
Mike Norvell 36 HC Memphis 2.6 M 7.4 M 4-4 L @ MU 65-33
Scott Satterfield 45 HC Appalachian St 712 K 2.1 M 5-1 W vs ULL 27-17
Jeff Tedford 56 HC Fresno St 1.5 M 5.4 M 6-1 W @ UNM 38-7
Ed Warriner 57 OL Michigan 525 K None 7-1 W @ MSU 21-7
Frank Wilson 44 HC UTSA 1.1 M 3.5 M 3-5 L @ USM 27-17
Mike Yurcich 42 OC Oklahoma State 800 K Unk 4-3 Bye

Once again, my personal list is as follows, in order of my favorites: Neal Brown, Seth Littrell, Jeff Monken, Chris Creighton, Jeff Tedford, Willie Fritz, Major Applewhite, Tim Beck. KU fans should be happy if any of these guys end up in Lawrence at the end of the year.

I think Doeren’s buyout is too high for him to be a realistic option (ditto Mike Norvell). Additionally, I’m not convinced that even following a bad year that Ken Niumatalolo would leave Navy after turning down BYU and Arizona in recent years. Also, I think Scott Satterfield is an App State lifer.

It should also be noted that Bob Stitt, a dark-horse candidate in these circles the last time around, is currently an offensive analyst with Oklahoma State. Names of coaches that are currently unemployed include Les Miles, Bret Bielema, Todd Graham, and recent tweets indicate Mark Mangino may be looking to get back on the sidelines as well.

The Rumor Mill

Rumors have begun to swirl, including Seth Littrell:

And Les Miles: