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Kansas Jayhawks Football Predictions: Texas Tech Red Raiders

The crew gets together to tell you what is going to happen in Saturday’s game.

Texas Tech v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The bye week is over, and the Kansas Jayhawks are back in action against the Texas Tech Red Raiders down in Lubbock tomorrow. But given the way the first half of the season went, I don’t know if I could blame you for not looking forward to the second half.

If you are one of those that don’t want to watch, today’s your lucky day. Our crew got together to tell you everything that is going to happen in tomorrow’s game so that you don’t have to tune in.

David: With Doug Meacham out of the way, David Beaty will finally be able to show his creativity and playcalling prowess and - lol, just kidding. The offense will still suck. With a week to rest for guys like Mike Lee and Ricky Thomas who have been banged up, I think the defense will keep this from being a traditional Texas Tech style blowout. Instead it will just be a standard blowout. Texas Tech 38, Kansas 17

Fizzle406: Not much to say about this one. Texas tech 40, Kansas 15

Kyle_Davis21: The story of the Big 12 season for Kansas this year seems to be the defense doing a commendable job of slowing opponents down for a bit, but the offense not pulling its weight enough to keep it close. Seems like the recipe for this week’s matchup. The defense gets a turnover or two, but the offense doesn’t score enough. Texas Tech 35, Kansas 21

Mike.Plank: I agree with fizzle. Not much to say about this one. Don’t worry everyone, we’re on the home stretch of the David Beaty regime at Kansas. Plus, it’s almost basketball season for those of you who are into that sort of thing. Texas Tech 56, Kansas 21.

Andy Mitts: It feels like I’ve said this about 20 times in the last week, but the Kansas offense will likely be better the next couple weeks, but only because there will only be one voice trying to tell them what to do. Despite all of his statements denying it, Beaty’s track record does nothing but imply that he meddled way too much into how the offense was run, even when “belonged” to Doug Meacham. Now that he will get to run the show unchallenged, I expect a clearer vision. None of that is to say that they offense will be good. Instead, we are less likely to see random timeouts, QB whiplash or any of the baffling things we have see so far. Except the punting in the worst possible situations.

As for the game, I think Kansas can stay in this one for a while. The defense will have a few opportunities to get turnovers. However, while Jett Duffey is prone to turning the ball over, he also is a very mobile QB, which is something the Jayhawks do not seem to do well against. I expect multiple big runs, and the Texas Tech offense will pull away late in the game. Texas Tech 42, Kansas 27.