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Doug Meacham Fired

Beaty has released Doug Meacham per a press release from KU Athletics.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas football fired offensive coordinator Doug Meacham on Wednesday afternoon per a press release from KU Athletics that read as follows:

Kansas football head coach David Beaty announced Wednesday that he has dismissed offensive coordinator Doug Meacham. Beaty said the coordination of the offense will be a team effort, but that he will have final say regarding in-game play calling. In addition, Beaty will work directly with the quarterbacks.

“I appreciate Doug and all the work he put in during his time at Kansas,” said Beaty. “None of us are satisfied with the prgoress we are making on the offensive side of the ball. We hope that with this change we are better able to put our players in the best position to be successful.”

Meacham came to Kansas as a much-heralded hire in January of 2017 after a three-year stint at TCU as their OC. In fact, our very own fetch called the hire a “home run.”

Obviously, things didn’t work out as well as anyone hoped. The timing is certainly a little curious, and the motivation for Beaty is unclear at best.

Hello, pointless tunnel screens 2.0.