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Podcast: The Streak is legitimately in jeopardy.

I’m joined by Fetch to talk about the very real possibility that Kansas may not win the Big 12 this year.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks lulled us into a false sense of security with a comfortable win on the road against Texas, and then completely flopped at home against Texas Tech. We’ve been telling you recently not to panic, but it’s starting to look like this may finally be the year that the streak ends. Fetch and I dive into that thought and more in the latest episode of the podcast.

Topics discussed:

-Takeaways from the Texas game?

-Why does Kansas drive the wrong guys right into shot blockers?

-Udoka Azubuike and injuries.

-Texas Tech and effort level.

-Current depth issues both cause concern and give hope.

-Eligibility update

-Twitter Q&A (via @JayhawkTalk): R we a football school? (Is this the end of KU’s dominance atop the Big 12 standings?)

-Twitter Q&A (via @gimmethewooby): If the streak does end, who wins the title?

-Twitter Q&A (via @twocoach): When was the last season that Kansas had two double-digit losses at Allen Fieldhouse?

-Twitter Q&A (via @TroyWestRadio): Has Bill Self mismanaged this roster? Should he take into account that we are going to have 1 suspension each year?

-How similar is this team to last year’s team?

-TCU Preview



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