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Predictions: Texas A&M

our panel of experts predicts today's game

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 06 LSU at Texas A&M Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kansas faces off with Texas A&M today in a rematch of two Big 12 Conference foes in the Big 12/SEC challenge. These two teams haven’t played since 2012. Will the Jayhawks walk away with the win? We asked our experts.

David: I feel weirdly confident about this one. This seems like a game where Kansas can open things up and score some points, especially from outside the arc. A&M doesn’t seem especially well equipped to take advantage of KU’s defensive weaknesses, and I’m sure KU will be up for a nationally televised game against a new opponent. Of course, I’m sure I’m wrong and this will come down to the wire. Texas A&M 74, Kansas 72

Mike.Plank: Although A&M is a team that beat West Virginia by 20 back in November, their statistical profile seems to indicate they should lose by about 30 here in Lawrence. Obviously, this means it will be a three point game, Devonte Graham will play 40 minutes again, Cunliffe and de Sousa won’t get any meaningful minutes, and we’ll waste all kinds of energy on a meaningless midseason non-conference game when we should be more focused on beating K-State on Monday. Whatever. Kansas 69, Texas A&M 66

Kyle_Davis21: This is another old Big 12 reunion, though the excitement level for this one is not what it was even after the first game of the regular season. A&M’s play in SEC games has left much to be desired. Still, as we know, KU is not running people off the court, even at home, and A&M does have talent on its roster. But I have to imagine Devonte’ has a bounce-back game and maybe, just maybe, this is the game where LaGerald gets out of his funk. Kansas 74, Texas A&M 68

Andy Mitts: I have literally no confidence in either of these teams to win this game right now, but it definitely seems that Texas A&M is a mediocre team that was riding high off a huge upset win against a depleted West Virginia team in the season opener. Kansas should win this game easily, but they will likely skate by trying to conserve some energy for Monday’s big matchup against K-State. Kansas 76, Texas A&M 68.

Fizzle406: it seems like A&M left the Big 12 like 20 years ago. I can barely remember playing them. Anyway, this KU team is so hard to judge. I think it will be close the entire game but we barely escape with a win. Kansas 77, Texas A&M 74