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Notebook: Lots of people talking about Udoka’s free throws

I’ve got the moves like Jagger

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Oklahoma Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Self apologized to Udoka Azubuike, and says the big man is determined to improve on his free throws, although shooting underhanded is not very likely to happen.

Self doesn’t anticipate trying to change Udoka’s form much, saying there’s more to free throw shooting than just fundamentals.

Lon Kruger did his best to deflect questions about hack-a-Doke in his postgame press conference.

Police were called to McCarthy Hall yesterday afternoon because a man came in several times wanted to offer free throw advice to a certain resident.

Five stats popped out Tuesday night from the game in Norman.

The Kansas women’s basketball team got waxed by a .500 Oklahoma club. I thought Brandon Schneider was a home run hire. He started bringing in high-profile recruits and things were looking up, but he just hasn’t been able to win. Probably time to make a change soon there as well.

In other news:

Villanova has lost a starter to a broken hand; With ‘Nova on an 8-man rotation, the Wildcats suddenly have a lack of depth.

In what I think is a bad look, the president of Michigan State University resigned yesterday with a prepared statement, saying that the tragedy had become politicized and someone had to take the blame even though she had always put “Team MSU first.” But that’s the problem, isn’t it?

Dennis Dodd writes that almost all of the violations the NCAA charged Penn State with are applicable to Michigan State as well, and this time, the NCAA needs to get it right.

It’s hilarious to me that the average Chiefs fan wants Bob Sutton’s head on a stick, but the average Kansas fan thinks Bowen/Zenger/Beaty “need more time.” BTW, Andy Reid says Bob Sutton will be back with the Chiefs next season.