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Player Ratings to the Theme of Boom

Kansas loses to Oklahoma but the ratings must go on

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Oklahoma Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

5 Stars: Sonic Boom

Man, breaking the sound barrier is something else. When you type “sonic boom” in a google search, now you get just as many hits for Sonic the Hedgehog, but the original is just so much better. Check out this video.

Unfortunately, no Kansas player warranted a five star rating.

4.5 Stars: Boomer Esiason

Great quarterback and a pretty good broadcaster too. Plus, Boomer Esiason has set up a foundation to help kids with Cystic Fibrosis. He’s a pretty good guy.

Malik Newman. For the second straight game, Malik was the best Jayhawk on the court. Drove with authority and canned threes when he had the opportunity.

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk. Started off really well and finished with a team high 24 points. Nailed the threes that kept KU on pace early.

4 Stars: Boomerangs

Boomerangs look much cooler when an expert wields one that when I tried to play with my nerf boomerang as a kid. Still, better than anything below them on this list.

Mitch Lightfoot. I thought Mitch was a difference maker in the first half when Udoka was on the bench. Finished with eight points, five rebounds, and two blocks.

3.5 Stars: Boom Chicka Pop

This popcorn is probably pretty good, but as good as bagged and canned popcorn is (and it’s glorious), it will never stand up to microwave or fresh popcorn in a popper and those in turn, don’t stand a chance against movie theatre popcorn.

Udoka Azubuike. This rating probably comes with an asterisk, because this guy absolutely dominated the beginning of the second half, so his rating could be higher. He didn't play very much in the first half because of his fouls, so maybe the rating could be lower. And of course, it’s not really his fault that he was in the game when OU was fouling him on purpose, so his missed free throws should never even have been a thing.

3 Stars: Chris Berman

Remember back when Chris Berman was revolutionary? He came up with great nicknames for athletes like Todd “Good Housekeeping” Zeile before anyone else was doing anything interesting, and he set the standard for a personality in your sportscasts. Then he turned into the “back back back back” and “He.....could......go.....all......the......way” guy.

Devonte Graham. Only four of 19 from the field, and like a great leader immediately took the blame for the loss after the game. Still managed 11 points and did a decent job defending (until the Manek three).

Marcus Garrett. Didn’t do anything to be rated higher or lower.

2 Stars: Boom Goes the Dynamite

Just listen to this guy. I feel sorry for him. It is comically bad.

Lagerald Vick. Where has this guy vanished to? Kansas needs Lagerald Vick to exist.

1 Star: Boomer Sooner

This is the most annoying fight song in college history. There is no debate.

Luckily, no KU player was as bad as this terrible song.


Silvio de Sousa and Sam Cunliffe. De Sousa had a hilarious stretch where he travelled twice and got called for a foul all in one minute and Cunliffe played when the game was already out of reach.