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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Kansas State Wildcats

Once again, we prepare you for exactly what is going to happen in today's game.

Kansas State v Wake Forest Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks are coming off a closer than expected win over the Cyclones at Allen Fieldhouse. And the schedule doesn’t get any easier with the Kansas State Wildcats coming to town, trying to put a victory on more than just the play hard chart. Can KU stave off another challenger and avoid a second home conference loss?

Mike.Plank: Bruce Weber brings his play-hard chart back to Allen Fieldhouse for an 11 AM tip. Will the Jayhawks be ready, or will they be a bunch of sleepwalkers? If Sam Cunliffe can walk the line and stay on Self’s good side, this could be a huge win for KU, as the Jayhawks really need to find some production off the bench. The real question is, can KU keep Barry Brown or Dean Wade from going off for 30+ points? K-State will need to walk unafraid onto James Naismith Court if they want this to be a competitive affair. Udunka Azubuckets will be walking tall on campus after this win, as K-State just doesn’t have anyone to match up with the big guy down low. That, combined with Svi being so hot from three that he might as well be walking on the sun means K-State better prepare for a long, hard walk to remember back to the bus. Kansas 95, Kansas State 78.

Fizzle406: I think this one will be a lot closer than it should be, like the last game. In fact I think it will be an exact replay of the last game where Kansas stays ahead but never quite puts them away. Kansas should win but it won’t be pretty. Kansas 82, Kansas State 76

dnoll5: This is a public service announcement that purple is a horrible color. I wish K-State would have the guts to wear those awful lavender/deep purple combo throwbacks on the road. God those things are terrible, but here’s the kicker: ask any K-State fan and they are almost obliged to say that they like them for some reason. Just admit they are a clown fight of a mismatched uniform and get on with it. Anyway, those uniforms suck and KU should win. Kansas 88, K-State 78.

Jakebogen95: Man, can the NCAA just get Preston and De Sousa cleared already? I just watched as Malik Newman had his best game the other day and I think Kansas is about to catch fire. Having Preston and De Sousa (whenever the NCAA decides to stop dragging their feet) will be huge to a team that is already trending up. I don’t like Kansas State and their uniforms are gross. However, if this game was close for no reason I wouldn’t be surprised. Kansas 92, K-State 82

Andy Mitts: I can guarantee three things - Kansas State will wear ugly uniforms, they will keep this much closer than they should, and no matter what actually happens, K-State fans are going to complain about a call on the court that they will say “stole” the game from them. Kansas 87, Kansas State 80

David: Who knows? Kansas has the talent to beat K-State easily, but they had the talent to do the same to Iowa State. The Wildcats have generally shot the ball very well this year, so this may turn into a bit of a shootout. KSU has played a bit faster recently, but they still prefer to play more of a half court game, so I’ll feel pretty confident if KU can make this a fast paced game where they shoot early and often. But again, who knows? Kansas 76, Kansas State 72