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Notebook: K-State coming to Lawrence with #Motivation

Just can’t turn and walk away

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Malik Newman has been one of KU’s more consistent rebounders.

K-State comes to Lawrence on Saturday looking for a key win.

Bill Self says the Wildcats may use Svi’s (alleged) travel as #Motivation (along with Bruce’s play-hard chart, amirite?).

Jesse Newell takes a look at KU’s shot selection vs Iowa State, and notes that on the season overall, KU is doing a good job of avoiding inefficient mid-range shots.

The University hasn’t announced it yet, but Bruce Feldman is reporting that Texas A&M QC aide Jeremy Springer will be taking over as special teams coordinator for Kansas football.

In a league previously known for its bigs, point guards have taken over the Big 12.

It’s Friday! The rest of the links are yours - share the wacky stuff you’ve seen over the past week in the comments. Politics is a low-hanging fruit these days, so let’s try and avoid that, and as always, #FireZenger.