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RCT Podcast: SEMO impressions, Kansas Basketball recruiting and Kansas Football vs Central Michigan

I’m joined by Fetch and Grad to talk Kansas Football and Kansas Basketball recruiting.

Southeast Missouri State v Kansas Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

Despite half of an episode wrapping up the SEMO game, there is still more to talk about. Fetch and Grad get a chance to weigh in on what we saw, as well as talking about how the basketball roster will change in 2018 and looking ahead to this weekend’s game against Central Michigan.

Today's Topics Include:

- Final thoughts on the SEMO game.

- Pro Football Focus highly rating Kansas defensive players.

- Joe Dineen's impressive game

- Peyton Bender as a Big 12 QB.

- Is influx of big man recruits indicating a conscious change in lineup for next year?

- 2018 Depth in the frontcourt.

- Central Michigan preview: Does the game against Rhode Island change your thoughts on this game?

- What do we want to see from this game?

- Fetch gives us a #TennisMinute, and we extend it for a few more.

- Overview of KU teams in action this weekend.

A final programming note: We are working on transitioning the podcast from its current home on SoundCloud to a more permanent solution, including full availability of all prior episodes. This will also likely include the ability to find the podcast on podcasting services such as iTunes, Stitcher and others. If you have a particular service you use regularly, let us know and we’ll see what we can do about making it available there.

We’ll also be looking for listener input, namely in the form of new cover art and intro/outro music for the podcast. We will probably even have a little something available for anyone who submits something we decide to use. Stay tuned for more details.