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Betting the Big 12: Week 2

Good Lord, Texas, what are you doing?

Maryland v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Starting off strong! A .500 record is pretty good, right? WRONG. You know what, if you’re a .500 bettor you’re a loser (due to the house take on the games you win).

Oh well.


Tulsa @ Oklahoma State -17, WON $36

Maryland @ Texas -18, LOST $40

Maryland @ Texas, Over 56, WON $36

West Virginia +165 Moneyline vs Virginia Tech, LOST $40


Starting bank: $1,000

Week 1 Won/Loss: -$8

+/- for the year: -$8

New bank: $992

Last week: 2-2

Overall picks: 2-2

Surely this week will go better, right? More games, more quality opponents on the docket, more money to be won, and moar Dom Williams getting the ball. Right?



Ok then.

New this week is a policy being instituted across all of RCT. Since Baylor should no longer have a football program anymore, we are going to completely ignore them. We will ignore them in power rankings. We will ignore them in pick ‘ems. We will ignore them completely (in football). We will ignore them and maybe, just maybe, Butters won’t ruin it for everybody.

Standard reminder that this is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a real gambler. This is monopoly money. Do NOT take my advice (EVER). Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Bet with your head, not over it.

Onward and (hopefully) upward!

Oklahoma State @ South Alabama

Line: Oklahoma State -28

O/U: 66.5

Moneyline: +3000

So, South Alabama just lost to Ole Miss by 20. Yeah that was on the road, but doesn’t Ole Miss suck now? And isn’t Oklahoma State a Final Four contender?

My bet: $40 Oklahoma State -28

Charlotte @ Kansas State

Line: Kansas State -36.5

O/U: 58

Moneyline: +12,000

This line is seriously having me do double-takes. This is the type of game K-State wins 58-7. Charlotte just lost to Eastern Michigan for crying out loud. The only thing that gives me pause is the fact that Charlotte is coached by a K-State alum, Brad Lambert. Lambert played at KSU prior to Bill Snyder’s arrival, from 1983-86. Will the Wildcats run up the score on yet another hapless opponent? Lol of course they will, who are we kidding here? #Family my ass.

My bet: $30 Kansas State -36.5 and $30 on the OVER

Iowa @ Iowa State

Line: Iowa -2.5

O/U: 48

Moneyline: +115

Which one is the Hawkeyes again? I get so confused. I have no idea who has what mascot, but I’m also confused about this line. Is Iowa bad again? Or is Iowa State vastly improved over 2016? Both teams performed well in their season openers, with Iowa dispatching Wyoming and Iowa State handling Northern Iowa. If both teams are bad, then I guess I’ll bank on having bad defenses.

My bet: $30 on the Over

East Carolina @ West Virginia

Line: West Virginia -24

O/U: 66

Moneyline: +125

West Virginia dropped a tight one against Virginia Tech, while ECU fell to the top-ranked team in FCS... by 20 points. I know it’s foolish to put too much stock into Week 1 results, but West Virginia should be OK here.

My bet: $20 West Virginia -24

TCU @ Arkansas

Line: TCU -3

O/U: 59

Moneyline: +140

Oh my gosh. I have no idea. Sorry guys, but I’m sitting this one out.

My bet: NO BET

San Jose State @ Texas

Line: Texas -26

O/U: 63

Moneyline: +2500

Did you know that San Jose State has already played two games? That’s crazy. I don’t think it’s gonna matter though. Texas, you get one more chance to impress me. Don’t screw it up.

My bet: $40 Texas -26

Central Michigan @ Kansas

Line: Kansas -6

O/U: 58

Moneyline: +190

Let’s say it like it is - this is a must-win for David Beaty and the Jayhawks. A loss here absolutely torpedoes the season and kills any momentum, especially among the fan base. Go win it, Jayhawks. Win it by two or more touchdowns. Make us care. (And make me some more monopoly money!)

My bet: $30 Kansas -6

Oklahoma @ Ohio State

Line: Ohio State -7.5

O/U: 64.5

Moneyline: +255

So, I remember when Oklahoma got absolutely destroyed by Ohio State in Norman last year. I think that #Motivation may play a factor, but I also think Ohio State is better than last year. Additionally, how will the loss of Bob Stoops affect the Sooners in a big-time atmosphere? We’ll know a lot more on Sunday morning. But for now, we’re left to guess.

My bet: $30 Ohio State -7.5


$40 Oklahoma State -28

$30 Kansas State -36.5

$30 Charlotte-Kansas State OVER 58

$30 Iowa-Iowa State OVER 48

$20 West Virginia -24

$40 Texas -26

$30 Kansas -6

$30 Ohio State -7.5

DrCrushALot’s Picks of the Week

Each week, DrCrushALot will provide a maximum of five games that he likes.

Last week: 3-0

2017 record: 3-0

Starting bank: $1,000

Week 1 Won/Loss: +$90

+/- for the year: +$90

New bank: $1,090

Week 2 Picks

Oklahoma State @ South Alabama +28: Not sure why OSU is going to South Alabama or why South Alabama's AD wanted their fans to witness this bloodbath up close and personal. Oklahoma State could win 70-17 and no one would be surprised.

Bet: $50 Oklahoma State -28

South Carolina @ Missouri -2.5: Missouri's defense was horrific on Saturday against a school that shouldn't have even been competitive. I'll gladly take points with South Carolina.

Bet: $20 South Carolina +2.5

Iowa @ Iowa State +2.5: This is a replacement for an assured winner of Arkansas State covering at home against Miami. Simply put, Iowa is the better team here.

Bet: $30 Iowa -2.5

In the “Wow, that’s a huge line change” category:

Nebraska @ Oregon went from opening Oregon -5 to now Oregon -14. Nebraska (my team by the way) looked dreadful against Arkansas St on Saturday with the new QB way overthrowing receivers and the new defensive 3-4 scheme being unable to stop the run or pass. This could get ugly fast against Oregon (let alone the rest of the year).