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The View From Section 7

A Twitter-esque recap of the Kansas football game against West Virginia.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Got the folks coming up from Wichita today for the game.

Not sure why.

But whatever, we’ll have fun regardless of the outcome.

Checked out the drumline for a few minutes by the Campanile.

Gotta get to the stadium early today as we’ve got some sideline pregame passes from the ticket office.

They walk you down the visitor’s sideline and you get to watch the players go through their pregame drills.

Now they’re asking for volunteers to help with the flag on the field for the national anthem.

Dad and I volunteer.

That was pretty cool.

Waaaaay harder than it looks, btw.

Time to retreat to the top row of the west side - the only shade in the stadium right now!

Gonna be a hot one.


Oh good, a false start on the first play of the game.

Great start.

Actually, this drive may be going somewhere.

All the way down inside the 10-yard line!

Interestingly, only one pass has been thrown by Bender so far.

Establish the run. Good. Good.

Going for it on fourth.

False start again.


Field goal.

(Sarcasm Font) Yay. (End Sarcasm Font)

Still a good start I guess. Opening drive took 6 minutes.

Just play keep away.

Gonna need touchdowns instead of field goals though.

West Virginia had a big play opportunity on third down - ball fell through the receiver’s hands.

Honestly, I bet he lost it in the sun.

Defense got bailed out there, but who cares, they’re punting.

KU drive stalls near midfield after Meacham calls a couple of passing plays despite the run game gaining chunks.

Of course both passes fell incomplete.

KU’s third drive stalls out near midfield again after yet another false start.


WVU humming now. 14-3 bad guys, and the second quarter just started.

Seriously, does David Beaty emulate Turner Gill?

Timeout called by KU after a change of possession, after the West Virginia kickoff rolls out of bounds.

What is going on down there? Get it together.

Ooo a trick play! Wide receiver pass! He’s open....

Underthrown... receiver trips... wow.

That’s going on a K-State highlight video somewhere.

KU just having too much success running the ball in the first quarter I guess.

Well we can’t have that. Let’s throw some passes.


This is hard to watch.

Dorance Armstrong doing a lot of alternating between a standup, outside linebacker type of position and a down DE spot.

Interesting to see him move all over the field, but KU still can’t get any pressure on WVU.

KU defense just getting sliced up.

Mike Lee whiffs on an open field tackle and it’s 21-3 WVU with nine minutes until halftime still.

Bender trying to throw interceptions again but West Virginia won’t let him.

Went down to the concourse to grab a bbq sandwich, and missed West Virginia going up 28-3.

Came out right as Herbert broke free to make it 28-10 though.

Nice run.

Defense holds. WVU punting.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Feels like a pick-6 upcoming.

I have verbalized my fears to the nice folks of the top row of Section 7.


Bender throws the pick-6 on the first play from scrimmage.

I know you don’t believe me, but I have witnesses.

KU gets the ball back on the kickoff and does what they shouldn’t done on the last drive.

Herbert picks up big yards and sets KU up for a field goal.

It’s good.

35-13 bad guys.

Good grief.


Lots of people headed out.

The band performance was actually really cool.

“Tribute to the Sousaphone.”

They had a soloist out there, maybe a professional?

2001 A Space Odyssey, Flight of the Bumblebee, another song I didn’t catch the name of, and the William Tell Overture.

Very cool show. Wish I had recorded that.

KU band really showing off 16 brand-new, shiny, silver sousaphones.

So many people left the stadium, will very many return?

KU has 224 rushing yards against 50 passing yards in the first half.

Probably shouldn’t be losing by 22 when you run for 200 yards in a half.

But WVU has 164 rush yards plus 193 pass yards - and 19 first downs.


Carter Stanley is throwing passes on the sideline.

But KU is kicking off - West Virginia gets the ball first.

Is Stanley starting the third quarter?

Bender doesn’t have a helmet.

OK well I was wrong, Bender trots back out there.

A little surprised we didn’t have to call a timeout before our first play of the second half.

Khalil Herbert still tearing up the WVU defense.

Jayhawks are within 15 now, nine minutes to go in the third quarter.

Hasan Defense with a pick!

I think that’s his first one as a Jayhawk!

Some more trickeration right away from Kansas with a WR double reverse.

Got lots of yards but called back with a holding call.

Refs somehow missed a facemask.

Which actually is a good thing - offsetting penalties would have been a do-over.

As it is, KU still gains yards.

Still, not sure how 7 (or 8?) officials all miss that on the ballcarrier.

If KU can score again we’ll have a game here.


Drive stalls.

Defense holds again though.

KU down two scores with 4 mins left in the 3rd quarter.

Need to get back to running the ball - passing isn’t working!

Amazing play from Bender to Sims!

By far his best pass of the season.

KU knocking on the door at the 2-yard line.


Add in roughing the passer. One whole yard!

What defense is playing the 3rd quarter for KU?

West Virginia is getting frustrated - things are getting testy on the field.

Jayhawks have the ball down 8 headed into the fourth quarter.


West Virginia with two personal fouls on KU’s last two drives.

Of course WVU is getting frustrated - this is a team they should be blowing out.

Andrew Torvi is having a rough game for his first start. He’s had three or four false starts.

KU secondary breaks down and West Virginia keeps converting third downs.

But KU hold to a field goal attempt!

Aaaaaaaaaand KU’s offsides.

Because of course they are.

And WVU punches it in.

KU taking shots downfield - pass interference there? No call.

But KU eventually scores on that drive anyway. Now down just 8 again.

Defense holds?!?!

Bender rolls out, gets hit, ball comes forward. Called incomplete but they are reviewing.

And somehow now it’s a fumble and West Virginia’s ball.

Didn’t a whistle blow that play dead?

How do they determine who gets the ball here?

West Virginia scores in two plays.

That call reversal really deflated the Jayhawks.

The few who remain in the stands are now streaming out, less than 5 minutes to go.

Lots of screaming at the officials as people head down the stadium steps.

People are weird.

I still don’t understand the reversal on that play.

That INT not necessarily on Bender, although he did throw it into traffic.

Receiver got popped and the ball went up in the air.

WVU scores again.

Oh look, there’s Carter Stanley coming onto the field...

... with 1:13 to play in a 22-point game.


Not really much to say about this one.

KU played a great third quarter, probably the best quarter they’ve played all year.

The rest of the game was garbage though.

Let’s do some Facebook Live walking back to the car.

Bye week next week.

See y’all for Texas Tech.