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KU Predictions: West Virginia is going to roll

Our writing staff doesn’t give the Jayhawks much of a chance in tomorrow’s game.

East Carolina v West Virginia Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The Kansas Jayhawks are opening Big 12 play against a hot West Virginia Mountaineers squad. The line is a ridiculous 21.5 points in favor of the visitor, and it’s not likely that the home team will be able to cover it. Does everyone have the game pegged wrong? Take a peek at what our staff thinks, and then let us know in the comments below.

Mike.Plank: Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha! ::Passes out:: We are going to get creamed. West Virginia 59, Kansas 24.

Fizzle406: Not much to say about this one. We already know the outcome. WVU is going to absolutely destroy the Kansas defense. Can KU keep them under 60? I say no. West Virginia 63, Kansas 11

dnoll5: Last week I predicted that KU could lose in the most Kansas way possible, 2-0 with a missed field goal to seal the loss. Boy, was I wrong. The most Kansas way possible to lose will be the score lines that you see throughout the Big 12 conference season and the fact that it will be an anomaly if they’re in the game after of the first two minutes. West Virginia 77, Kansas 21.

KU Grad 08: I think KU will be able to move the ball and actually put up some points on WVU, especially if Sims is fully recovered from his ankle injury. That defense though… yikes. KU would need a miracle type of game (special teams TD, multiple turnovers, some that directly result in points, etc) to pull this one out. Not happening. Western Virginia 45, Kansas 24.

David: I can see KU maybe moving the ball a little bit against a bad West Virginia defense, but that's where my optimism ends. WV has a very good offense, and they've shredded teams through the air this year. Putting that up against this KU secondary, I see a lot of points going up in a hurry for the visitors. West Virginia 55, Kansas 20

Andy Mitts: Mike typed exactly what I told everyone not to type, but I guess we can let that slide. This game is not going to go well at all, as Kansas won’t be able to give Peyton Bender enough time to attack the main weakness of this West Virginia defense. West Virginia 48, Kansas 17.