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KU50: #50 Charlie T. Black

We are kicking off the feature by dialing the wayback machine. Black played at KU from 1921 to 1924, and racked up quite a few accomplishments. He was named All-Conference twice, All-American twice, and the National Player of the Year in 1924. He was also the best player on two national champions.

Black played football, baseball, and basketball at Kansas, but it was basketball in which he excelled most. Black was 49-6 in his three years at Kansas, and by all accounts was the team’s best defender. The 1922 national championship team allowed 20.6 points per game and the 1923 champs allowed 16.6 points per game, so it’s safe to say he was a pretty good defender.

After playing at Kansas, Black served as Nebraska’s head coach for six seasons, finishing with a record of 51-57. He finished 3rd in the first three years of the brand new Big 6 conference.