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Notebook: Kansas football to see more of Carter Stanley

Always something there to remind me

Rhode Island v Kansas

This probably deserves and article of its own, but David Beaty had his weekly presser yesterday. There’s some interesting stuff about the defensive breakdowns in there, along with Carter Stanley and something about “lots of teams are 1-2 right now.”

Beaty did say fans should plan on seeing more of Carter Stanley in coming weeks.

Nebraska OL transfer Zach Hannon played at tackle last week, a position he hasn’t played since high school.

Bill Self opposes the idea of transfers not having to wait a year to play.

Taking a look at what this season might have in store for Lagerald Vick.

The University of Kansas is seeking approval from the Board of Regents to build a new volleyball arena and renovate the baseball stadium, with both using funds from private donations.

This coach keeps juuuuuuuuust missing out on five-star recruits, the latest being Mitchell Robinson.

Ohio safety Javon Higgins swipes a towel from an opponent whenever he gets the chance; Kansas was just the latest victim.

A Phillies fan tweeted if Rhys Hoskins homered, he would buy everyone chicken nuggets - he did, and people got nuggets!

Is this the year for Andy Reid to finally win a Super Bowl?

Colorado Springs police are on the search for a jogger who is dumping and running - literally.