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Kansas Jayhawks Football crushed by Ohio 42-30

Don’t let the final score fool you, KU continues to be the laughingstock of college football.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard being a Kansas football fan.

Actually, it’s pretty much impossible at this point.

Kansas got behind early and trailed by three scores for most of the game today, scoring a meaningless touchdown on the final play of the game to make it not look as bad as it was.

Ohio won the toss and elected to defer. After KU got one first down, the Jayhawks stalled and punted. Ohio’s first play from scrimmage was a run around the end for 63 yards.

Things only got worse from there.

Ohio built an 18-0 lead before KU got on the scoreboard. Khalil Herbert looked great in the first half (actually, the second quarter), going over 100 yards before halftime. But that was the lone bright spot on the day for Kansas, as the Jayhawks would go into the break trailing by 11 and go into the fourth quarter trailing by 25.

Coaching continues to be an issue. Carter Stanley took three snaps in the second quarter and threw zero passes.


I said, Carter Stanley came in the game in the first half, but all they called were running plays. That means when the game was still in doubt, coaches put in the backup QB but didn’t allow him to do anything. (I say they’re afraid he’ll outperform their golden boy Peyton Bender.)

Bender would play the entire second half.

Clearly, players are not being put in a position to succeed. Similar to last week, Ohio receivers were continually wide open in the secondary, and the offensive line tried blocking like this:

It’s to the point now where I’m not even angry anymore. I mean, watching this team, you just shake your head and laugh at this point.

I’m just sad. I’m sad that the Kansas football program is at this point. But what is more disheartening is that we here at RCT are the only ones who seem to care.

Changes need to happen on the coaching staff, but first, changes need to happen in the administration. The football program isn’t going to make any improvements until the people in charge of hiring the coaches are replaced with competent administrators. If Sheahon Zenger has a job on Monday morning, it will be the greatest upset of the weekend.

But until that happens, we will continue to watch, we will continue to laugh, and we will continue to think yeah, I remember when KU football was good.

And then we will get sad again, because we’ll realize KU is still years away from competing with MAC schools, let alone for bowl bids.