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KU Predictions: Ohio Bobcats

Can anyone find any positivity looking ahead to tomorrow's game?

Ohio v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

After everything we've said this week, does anyone in our panel think that the Kansas Jayhawks have a realistic shot when they travel to face the Ohio Bobcats on Saturday? Take a look, and then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

University of Kansas Graduate 2008: Kansas forces a few Ohio turnovers, the passing game is more consistent, and Kansas leaves us all asking “WTF happened last week” with a super rare road win. Fans and administration then massively overreact to what happens, and give Beaty a ten year deal worth $2 million a year with a five-year minimum buyout. Kansas 34, Ohio 26.

dnoll5: That eclipse we just saw seems more frequent than a KU road win in football. Here’s how this one play out: KU fumbles it out of the back of the endzone on the first play from scrimmage and then we suffer through 59:45 seconds of scoreless football to get that elusive 2-0 scoreline football purists have been dreaming of since the mid 40’s. Oh, but to add to the heartbreak, Kansas dings a field goal off the upright as time expires. That sounds about right. This program is depressing. Ohio 2, Kansas 0.

Fizzle406: After being the only one to correctly guess last week’s game and the ensuing fallout, I will continue my perfect prediction record by saying Kansas once again loses on the road. Book it. Ohio 28, Kansas 10

Mike.Plank: Since the beginning of 2016, Kansas has the most turnovers in FBS. The Jayhawks have had two or more turnovers in 16 straight games. Kansas has won three games since 2015; two of those were against FCS opponents. KU hasn’t won a road game in over eight years. Four men have coached Kansas in road games since Mark Mangino was fired. In that time, nine different quarterbacks have started road games for the Jayhawks. (How many can you name?)

KU has dropped 41 straight on the road and looks to obliterate a record that has stood for 81 years. Ohio is looking for its first ever home win against a P5 school, but if you’re looking for a glimmer of hope, consider this: Over the past three seasons, this is the first time Kansas has not been a double-digit underdog on the road. (Progress, amirite?!?!?) Maybe Vegas knows something that we don’t, but until I see results on the field, only a fool picks Kansas. Ohio 45, Kansas 20.

David: Yesterday I saw a clip of Ohio's quarterback running for about 12 yards on a crazy scramble that I can only describe as Reesing-esque. Kansas has consistently allowed any quarterback with two working legs to run for first downs at will over the years. I expect to see a healthy dose of that and a productive Ohio running game, along with missed open receivers and a couple deflating turnovers for KU. The line opened at Ohio -9.5 and has dropped to Ohio 7.5. Now would be a good time to bet on the Bobcats. Ohio 34, Kansas 20

Andy Mitts: It's finally happened. Grad has cracked up. There is just no way that Kansas is going to get out of there with a win. The offensive line is going to be swiss cheese, and that defense isn't going to be able to stop anyone. In just a couple days the fan base will finally be ready to burn it all down. Ohio 45, Kansas 13