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Kansas Jayhawks Football vs Central Michigan Chippewas: The View from Section 4

A Twitter-esque, first-person recap of KU’s 45-27 home loss to CMU.

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Kansas Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Beautiful day for some football.

A little tailgating, some nachos, some beer.

Let’s go.


KU trying to establish the run.

Probably should have got in the end zone on that opening drive.

And before you know it, the first quarter is over.

Man, that was a quick quarter.

Of course, nothing much happened.

Both teams running the ball.

KU up 3-0.


Passing game has not looked good, at all.

Passing game is just struggling.

In fact, I would say that Bender just sucks right now.

The interception was awful.

Defense has been OK, but the only pressure we’ve gotten came on a botched snap.

Central winning the battle at the line of scrimmage on both sides.

KU just not playing well right now.

And the Central punt rolls out of bounds at the half yard line.

That’s how you know it’s just not gonna be your day.

We’ll see what happens, though.

KU’s offensive line is still struggling with Central’s defensive front.

It probably why Bender looks so bad.

At least I hope that’s the reason.

KU’s punt rolls and bounces off a CMU blocker! KU recovers.

Aaaaaand Bender almost throws another INT on the next play.

Serious question: Is David Beaty the worst gameday coach ever?

Because this was Andy Reid bad!

Who calls a timeout prior to a field goal after a long replay review?


This is terrible!!!!

Three minutes until halftime.

Central Michigan QB scrambles, overthrows everybody while throwing the ball away.

But Daniel Wise throws him to the ground and picks up a roughing call and targeting review.

He got away with a roughing call earlier, too. Not this time.

They are not showing the replay on the board. Guessing he gets ejected.

KU is just falling apart.

This is embarrassing.

We just want a program that is competitive and that we can be proud of. And we aren’t getting that.

It’s 10-6 Central Michigan with 3 minutes until halftime.

Offensive and defensive lines of Kansas are getting dominated.

No targeting for Wise. He stays in the game.

The roughing penalty stands, but Wise stays in the game.

I mean, literally, he’s out there lining up for the next play.

It was just a dumb play, why is he still out there?

I guess he #EarnedIt.

Still no pressure by KU’s defensive line.

What are we doing?

Central Michigan scores.

Just embarrassing.

Bad defense. Bad play all the way around.

Bender has zero pocket presence.

He doesn’t know how to get away from trouble.

He either just goes down or throws the ball up.

And of course he’s up to two INTs now.

Great play by the defender, but why did Bender throw into double coverage like that?

Just a boatload of suck for Kansas, on both sides of the ball.

CMU quarterback just clowing the KU defense right now.

11 seconds to go and they’re about to score again.


24-6 Central Michigan.


A few random boos as the team heads to the locker room.

Nothing loud or obvious.


KU gets the ball to start.

Four plays and 75 plays later, there we go!

Now that’s an air raid!

Central Michigan goes nowhere. KU can make it a game.

Another great drive by the KU offense. Now we’re cooking.

Only down by four now.

But Central answers with a drive of their own.

More bad defense, aided by a very questionable pass interference call against KU.

5:38 in the third. Time starting to become a factor.

A few more boo birds after the CMU score, but it could be directed at the refs for the bad DPI call.


So we’re down 18 points. Three scores. So of course our first play on the drive is a running play, because we need to get the clock going.

That makes sense.

Then we just take our time getting up to the line of scrimmage on second down.


We need three scores. And we need to stop them at least three times.

In thirteen minutes.

Plenty of time.

Take your time, boys.

Hey they did score! 10 minutes left, KU down 38-27.

LOLZ and then CMU scores on its next play from scrimmage.

You had to stop them and you gave up a 75-yard play.

I’m leaving.

45-27 Central with 9:50 left.

That’s all I can take.

I’m done.

Most everybody else is leaving, too.

Guess that means there won’t be anybody left to boo at the end.

Or, you know, clap and support the players, because gosh darn it, they’re trying really, really hard.


I don’t wanna talk about it.

Went to the volleyball game.

Don’t want to talk about that either.

KU did not play well. Very uncharacteristic.

Bad passes, bad sets, bad serves, just bad all the way around.

Hitting Wendy’s on the way home.

Get outside of town and find out they forgot the ranch for my nuggets.


Normally this is where I would say something like, “On to Ohio,” but criminy we haven’t won a road game in eight years.

Bracing for another 1-11 season.