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Kansas Mauls Players Group

Lets look at a picture book. The Big Book of British Smiles

Dana Stubblefield

Kansas News

Staying hot: Jayhawks cruise to another easy victory in Italy, 99-71 in Milan |
Their biggest competition on Saturday night at Palasport gymnasium just outside of Millan might have been the temperature gauge. And judging by that metric, the Jayhawks were in a more of a dog fight than the 99-71 final score indicated in their second victory against Italian-based Players Group in the past three days.

Beaty: Both Bender and Stanley operating Air Raid at 'high level' thus far at camp |
Head coach David Beaty offered no indications of redshirt sophomore Carter Stanley or Bender taking the lead or out-playing the other at practices this week. Beaty only reveled he has enjoyed watching the pair of quarterbacks vie for the starting job.

KU notebook: Italian guard both familiar with and impressed by Jayhawks |
“I know about them,” Gallinari told the Journal-World after Saturday’s 99-71 Kansas victory. “They’re crazy good. They are in the Top 10 of the United States and it’s an honor and a pleasure for me to play against them. My dream is to play with them or against them when I’m in college so we’ll see.”

Other Sports

Jason Taylor apologizes to Dan Snyder for stealing his money in Hall of Fame speech -
Jason Taylor's Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech was all the things we've come to expect from these things for the first 90 percent of it. The pass rusher who played 15 seasons recounted his road to the NFL and thanked those who helped him along the way -- family, friends, teammates and coaches.

49ers lose former Super Bowl MVP for the season after practice injury -
The team announced that Malcolm Smith will likely miss the entire season after suffering a torn pectoral muscle during practice on Saturday. The freak injury happened while Smith was trying to tackle running back Matt Breida, according to

J.J. Redick explains why he ultimately passed on signing with the Rockets -
"They offered four [years] and then they went three. Daryl [Morey] always has a million things going on, like in A Beautiful Mind with all of the stuff written on the chalkboard. I'm sure he had four or five deals out there [he was working on]. The day before free agency, I thought it was a four-year deal. Chris Paul and I talked for about 30 minutes the night before free agency started. I wanted to go there.

Other News

Martin Shkreli not scared of prison because he witnessed 9/11 - NY Daily News
Pharma Bro says witnessing the 9/11 attacks and growing up on the “mean streets of Brooklyn” has prepared him for a prison cell.

A cannabis company is buying an entire town in the US - Business Insider
Now that one of the nation's largest cannabis companies has bought the California desert town of Nipton, a question remains: Will the new owners rename the place Potsylvania?